The Many Uses of Sea Buckthorn for Health & Beauty

sea buckthorn oil uses

Our Favorite "Off-Label" Uses of Sea Buckthorn

Maybe you’ve heard of sea buckthorn.

This small, bright orange berry has made waves in the health and beauty industry. While sea buckthorn may seem trendy, it has actually been used for centuries and is coveted for its healing and beautifying properties.

At SIBU, our life is all about sea buckthorn, which is why some might call us aficionados. We’ve at least tried using sea buckthorn in just about every way you can imagine, and we’ve come up with a list of thirty of our favorite “off-label” uses for infusing a little more sea buckthorn love into your life. 

Off-Label Sea Buckthorn Benefits for Skin Health 

Sea buckthorn offers an amazingly rich nutrient profile, which includes a full range of good stuff like vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Due to this profile, sea buckthorn offers anti-inflammatory and healing properties that make it ideal for supporting healthy skin in a number of ways. 

Sea buckthorn supplements are beneficial in supporting skin health, but there are endless topical applications of sea buckthorn oil that can be used. 

  1. Got tatts? Use sea buckthorn oil for speedier healing. 
  2. Apply a layer of sea buckthorn oil to chafed skin that rubs the wrong way
  3. Apply sea buckthorn oil daily to help reduce the appearance of scars and speed cellular regeneration
  4. Mix sea buckthorn oil with aloe vera gel for a soothing burn treatment
  5. Sea buckthorn oil can have a healing and preventive effect on skin that’s irritated and burned due to radiation therapy
  6. A little sea buckthorn oil on stretch marks to help heal and prevent them
  7. Keep a cooling mist of sea buckthorn oil on hand to spray on newly sunburned skin

Sea Buckthorn Relaxation & Beauty

Packed with antioxidants, sea buckthorn is something that all of us should have in our relaxation and beauty tool kits. Whether applied directly to the skin or added to a luxurious bath, sea buckthorn offers no shortage of benefits. 

  1. Blend sea buckthorn oil into your favorite massage oil base for a special treat during your next home massage
  2. Mix sea buckthorn oil and sugar or sea salt to create a skin-beautifying foot scrub. Use once a week for beach-ready feet
  3. Rub a small drop of sea buckthorn oil into the cuticles for a pampering nail treatment
  4. A drop of sea buckthorn seed oil on a gentle cloth makes a perfect, natural makeup remover
  5. Treat your skin to a light layer of sea buckthorn seed oil after shaving to soothe irritation and prevent razor burn
  6. Rub just a drop or two of sea buckthorn oil into your hands and run your fingers through your beard for a treatment that will leave it smooth and soft
  7. Add a few drops of sea buckthorn oil to your favorite conditioner for an extra shine boost

Sea Buckthorn for Health & Wellness 

It’s impossible to talk about sea buckthorn without the topic turning to its value for health and wellness. There are practically endless ways to use sea buckthorn to support health and wellness, but here are a few that you might not have thought of. 

  1. Create your own gum-supporting mouthwash with a cup of filtered water, three drops of sea buckthorn oil, a teaspoon of baking soda, and a few drops of your favorite food-safe essential oil
  2. Another way to support your oral health with sea buckthorn is with oil pulling to pull unwanted bacteria from the mouth. Use a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil and swish it around for ten to fifteen minutes. 
  3. Make your own insect repellent using sea buckthorn oil as a base for skin healing, with the addition of your favorite insect-repelling essential oils, such as lemongrass and tea tree oil. 

Sea Buckthorn in the Kitchen

Make sure you’re sitting down the first time you taste sea buckthorn puree because it has a flavor that might knock you over. It’s vibrant and tart, which makes it perfect to use in so many different ways. When you add sea buckthorn, in whatever form, to your food and beverages, you’re supercharging your diet with a powerhouse of nutrition. 

  1. Sea buckthorn has a bright tart flavor that works perfectly in a salad dressing. Mix with a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a sprinkling of your favorite herbs
  2. Add an ounce of sea buckthorn juice to your smoothies for the ultimate antioxidant and beauty boost
  3. Try adding dried sea buckthorn berries to your granola, or blend your sea buckthorn supplement with yogurt for a granola parfait
  4. The flavors of sea buckthorn lend themselves perfectly to desserts, like a sea buckthorn sorbet or blended into a dark chocolate sea buckthorn mousse
  5. Make a sea buckthorn syrup that can be used on everything from pancakes and waffles to ice cream and coffee drinks
  6. Hear us out. Turn your cocktails into showstoppers, while also adding some nutrition with the help of sea buckthorn puree. Sea buckthorn works great with vodka, rum, and gin, especially combined with citrus juices. 
  7. Make ice cubes using sea buckthorn puree for an antioxidant boost that’s easy to add to any beverage

What are your favorite ways to use sea buckthorn? Sea buckthorn has so many amazing properties, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and so much more. At SIBU, we love to embrace sea buckthorn in all its forms and are always searching for new ways to get more of this good stuff into our lives.