Natural Tattoo Aftercare: How to Care for Your New Tattoo with Sea Berry Oil

Natural Tattoo After Care

Caring for Your First Tattoo

You’ve finally taken the plunge and are eager to show off your eye-catching new ink, but you may want to read this first!

For the first few days after getting inked, you’re going to need to keep your tattoo covered in clingfilm, removing it three times a day to clean the area before replacing with your clingfilm.

This is to prevent any scabbing from occurring and it begins the healing process.

Once that cling film comes off, it may feel a little intimidating, but as long as you follow a few important steps you should be all good!

Keep Your Tattoo Clean

Of course, it is still essential to keep your tattoo clean, especially now that it no longer has its protective covering.

A gentle cleanser, such as our Cleansing Face and Body Bar will provide a deep down clean while infusing your skin with a deep dose of soothing nourishment to aid in the healing process.

Make sure to clean the area twice a day, lathering up in your hands first before gently cleansing the area. Rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil BottleKeep Your Tattoo Moisturized

Now that the clingfilm is off, it’s important to keep your skin protected in the form of moisture.

The type of moisturizer you use matters! You want to avoid a conventional synthetic product that may potentially irritate your new vulnerable skin, and instead use an all natural option.

Our Sea Berry Seed Oil is bursting in healthy fats to fight inflammation and accelerate healing, minimizing the risk of infection, while ensuring your new tattoo stays shiny and bright.

Don’t overdo the moisture though! Just a thin layer is all that is needed.

Or try adding 2-3 drops of your Sea Berry Seed Oil right into your daily moisturizer for ultimate protection and enhanced absorption.

Care for Your Tattoo Internally Too

Your immune system may be working overtime to heal your new tattoo, which is effectively an open wound.

Give your immune system a boost with our Elderberry Immune Support Gummies and Omega-7 Support.

Also be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of pure, filtered water a day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out!

We hope these tips will help you to heal your tattoo quickly so you can start showing it off!

It may take weeks to heal, even months depending on how large it is, so be sure to stay committed to your aftercare.