Sea Berry Seed Oil
Sea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed OilSea Berry Seed Oil

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SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil


This is the real deal. Our own premium Himalayan sea buckthorn seed oil (aka sea berry seed oil) - the most potent, pure and efficacious on the planet. Supercritical CO2 extracted from only Turkestanica sea buckthorn seeds and certified USDA organic. It's dang hard to find unadulterated sea buckthorn oil these days and you can bank on the old adage "you get what you pay for". We have our oil double tested and verified for purity, potency and safety by independent labs on the reg. There is no better natural solution to skin probs like acne, rosacea and eczema, but this stuff is great for all skin types. Anti-aging, deep hydration and protection from the elements is great for anyone. A powerhouse little botanical oil in a little bottle, good things come in small packages! (okay, done with the clichés)

  • Pure, unadulterated premium Himalayan sea buckthorn seed oil 
  • USDA organic and PETA cruelty-free and vegan 
  • From our hand-harvested, wild-growing Turkestanica berries
  • Supercritical CO2 extracted (cleanest and most eco-friendly)  
  • Reduce redness and irritation
  • Calm blemishes and breakouts
  • Protect from environmental and sun damage
  • Anti-aging and deeply moisturizing

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Sea buckthorn berries

#1 Product for Problematic & Sensitive Skin

Helps Accelerate the Healing Process

Promotes Tissue Repair & Generation

Helps Repair Damaged Skin & Sun Damage

Effective at Diminishing Acne & Stopping

BreakoutsCalms & Soothes Red, Bumpy, Inflamed Skin

WEIGHT .1 lbs 

DIMENSIONS 3.63 x 1.4 x 1.38 in 

INGREDIENTS 100% Therapeutic-grade Sea Berry (sea buckthorn) Seed Oil 

PRODUCT 1 Sea Berry Seed Oil – 10mlSIZE 10 ml

Seed Oil 10ml UPC: 858180002082

Seed Oil 30ml UPC: 858180002624

100% Pure Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil  

Beauty Expert Reviews | Licensed Estheticians, Beauty Advisors, Cosmetologists & More!

Tessa Dean | Licensed Esthetician

I’ve been using this Sea Berry Seed Oil for a little over a week and I’m really enjoying it. I am rosacea prone and this soothes my skin. I have been using this morning and night and when I wake up I don’t have the redness in my cheeks like I usually do. I like to pat this into the skin and apply moisturizer over the top. Being it absorbs completely I never feel greasy even adding the moisturizer. I feel this would be a really great product to use post micro-needling treatment/chemical peels and microdermabrasion . Especially with all the tissue repair and regeneration properties it will soothe and accelerate the healing process. It would also be good for someone if they are having an eczema flareup or adverse reaction to skin care products. I am definitely going to keep using it and I can see myself keeping this on hand in my product Arsenal. I may even offer it to clients post treatment in the future. Having something pure and natural that also works is always such a good feeling. Look forward to seeing more benefits as time goes on.

Tokyo Kho | Licensed Cosmetologist

Loving this super light-weight Sea Berry Seed Oil by SIBU! As the warm weather approaches, this was a great alternative to super thick, and heavy sunscreens. It is very hydrating to the face and scalp! I suffer with eczema on various parts of my face and scalp, and it was very helpful to apply a few drops after washing my hair. There was less itchiness and irritation, and also helped with inflammation of a new pimple that tried to appear. I love the application nozzle which helps you distribute the perfect amounts of drops to any affected area. Most products distract you with strong scents and perfumes. I loved that this is Paraben, Sulfate, and Cruelty free. Since the pandemic, I haven't been applying foundation or makeup. I was able to use this oil to remove my makeup completely after a private work event. I noticed that my skin felt so much softer and smoother the following morning after using this product before bed. Pairs very well with water based toners after cleansing!

C Marq. | Professional Product Reviewer

I love using facial oils. They're specially tailored to work with your natural oils to help keep your skin balanced.

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the berries, leaves, and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant, a small shrub that grows in the Himalayan region. Sea buckthorn oil also has some anti-aging benefits. I have been using this SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil in my morning and night routines. I love how this serum soaks into my skin, and I have noticed a few acne scars on the side of my face slowly starting to heal as well. I also noticed since I started using this oil, I have fewer acne issues. Sibu Sea Berry Seed oil spreads well and absorbs quickly melting into the skin, producing beautiful smooth results. The oil is moisturizing and soothing on my skin. The scent is interesting and not overwhelming.

The T7 Difference: 

Our Turkestanica Sea Berry is an Omega-7 powerhouse unmatched in its nutrient profile.Packed with over 190 bioactive compounds, it thrives in the extreme alpine environment of the Himalayan Highlands to provide you with unmatched health and beauty benefits.  

Our fair trade practices promote equal and sustainable relationships between our company and the villagers who harvest and process our berries. This includes fair wages, processes that are environmentally sustainable, and healthy, safe working conditions. T7 is unique to SIBU and embodies the distinctive differences between us and other sea buckthorn companies. All SIBU products are PETA Certified,cruelty-free and Vegan, made in the USA, GMO Free and Gluten Free.