Treat Your Scalp To Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy, Lustrous Hair

Sea buckthorn oil for healthy and lustrous hair

Healthy, Happy Hair Starts at the Root... Literally!

You can use the fanciest hair products and get weekly blowouts at your favorite salon, but things are not going to change until you start taking better care of your scalp.

Too often we have seen women (and men!) who are dealing with hair care woes, from dry locks to thinning hair, target their hair issues from the middle to the ends, not to mention from an external standpoint altogether.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, we will soon clear things up in this post!

So if your hair is driving you a little crazy and you’re desperate for some advice that will actually provide results then you are in the right place!

Keep reading for our top tips for taking care of your scalp, internally and externally.

Ditch the Hot Water

Hot water may feel good as you wash those soap suds out of your strands, but it can take a toll on your scalp, which may even affect your hair growth!

Hot water also makes your hair more porous and you are likely to deal with dry, unruly hair no matter how much product you put into it, not to mention it increases your risk of hair breakage, no thanks!

Keep the water temperature lukewarm and end off with a cool rinse if possible to seal your hair cuticle for smoother, silkier hair.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil BottleTry a Sea Buckthorn Oil Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is not only deliciously relaxing (even if you are doing it on yourself!) it has a heap of excellent benefits for your scalp, and therefore your hair too!

Massage helps to boost blood flow, which is essential for healthy hair growth. This can actually promote increased hair growth and thicker hair, especially if hair thinning is an issue for you.

Just five minutes throughout your day can already make a difference, or save your minutes for a longer scalp massage next time you wash your hair!

You could also try massaging a little of our Sea Berry Seed Oil directly into your scalp, leaving it in to infuse your scalp with nutrients overnight, before rinsing out the next morning.

A touch of our oil is also great for smoothing fly-aways and sealing split ends! A little does go a long way though! Treat your hair to sea buckthorn oil, you'll be glad you did!

Your Hair Loves Healthy Fats

And it doesn’t get much better than sea buckthorn if you are looking for a deep dose of them! All the nutrients and fatty acids that make sea buckthorn such a popular choice for your skin and your health, provide just as many benefits for your scalp!

Sea buckthorn can help to stimulate hair growth, not to mention, leave your strands silky smooth and super shiny (hallelujah!)

Try our Omega 7 Support Soft Gels to nourish your hair from the inside out!

We hope these tips will help you to take better care of your scalp, your hair will truly thank you!