Why is Korean Skin Care So Popular & How Can it Help Your Skin?

Korean Skin Care

Why is Korean Skin Care So Popular & How Can it Help Your Skin?

Korean skin care seems to be trending everywhere we turn, but this is one skin care trend we can get on board with!

Korean skin care is the secret to absolutely radiant, glowing skin, without needing to rely on layers of makeup or expensive highlighters; your natural skin will take center stage!

It also doesn’t involve nasty synthetic ingredients to help you achieve your desired results, instead, their philosophy is very similar to what we stand for, here at SIBU.

In this article, we will let you in on why Korean skin care is so popular, and how our skin care products perfectly tie in to your Korean skin care ritual!

1. Long-term Solutions, Not Short-term Artificial Cover Ups

Korean skin care is all about using high-quality ingredients consistently to enjoy long-term benefits, rather than relying on synthetic ingredients that provide short-term results.

In America, a lot of the skin care philosophy is based around “how to fix issues immediately” when in reality, good skin comes down to using quality, clean ingredients every single day.

You want to know that your skin is really healthy, not just looking healthy from that synthetic foundation you need to apply to cover redness and blemishes.

At SIBU, we share this philosophy of consistent, daily rituals for long-term results. We also only use the highest quality ingredients available with zero toxins in sight!

2. Start Now, Not Later

Korean skin care believes in taking care of your skin now before wrinkles and marks start to appear. Any good skin care ritual, Korean or not, knows that it’s never too early to start taking proper care of your skin.

You want to age beautifully and gracefully, and a good skin care routine with high-quality products will help you to do just that!

3. Your Skin Care Ritual is Your Self Love Ritual

We especially love this!

Be honest. How many times have you hardly given a second thought to your moisturizer as you slap it on so you can make it to work on time or to that big appointment?

We aren’t judging you, but the way you apply your skin care matters. You want to always apply your skin care in a conscious, relaxed state. Stress is as bad for your skin as it is your mind!

You want to look forward to your skin care ritual, even if you have a busy day, it allows you some much needed me-time on a daily basis, and you deserve nothing less!

4. Effective Products Should Be Affordable

Amen to this!

It’s quite ironic because many people have this idea that natural skin care is so expensive. However, they are more than eager to splurge on some brand name product with a hefty price tag, promising instant results, but actually providing no more than water and synthetic fillers.

One thing we certainly have in common with Korean skin care is providing top-notch products at a more than affordable price!

Everyone deserves access to quality ingredients and beautiful products! Premium skin care doesn’t need to carry a premium price.

5. Dewy Skin is Everything

While many American skin care goals are focused on matte skin, Korean skin care is all about the oil baby!

We’re talking high quality oils, like our signature Luxe Oil, that actually balances excess sebum to control blemishes, but provides dewy, radiant skin that is youthful, firm and absolutely beautiful all with premium USDA organic botanical ingredients.

We can’t wait for you to give our products a try! Once you start adapting Korean skin care rituals into your life and start using real, quality ingredients, you’ll never look back!