Bulk Sea Buckthorn Oil


Sibu is the largest dealer of premium Himalayan (Turkistanika) sea buckthorn oil in North America. (Turkistanika sea buckthorn is the variety highest in Omegas and other powerful bioactive compounds.)

Because we pride ourselves on quality, efficacious end-products, we have sourced the best sea buckthorn raw materials on Earth. All of our sea buckthorn oils are triple-tested for purity, Omega 7 content, and freshness. No other sea buckthorn oil supplier goes to this effort. Sibu features it’s own sea buckthorn oil in 20+ consumer skincare and dietary supplement products so we have to make certain our raw material is the absolute best quality and efficacy.

Because it’s so valuable and expensive, Sea Buckthorn oil found on the open market is typically adulterated (meaning it’s usually cut with a cheap carrier oil like sesame or vegetable oil) and has a high peroxide value (indicating rancidity level).

Most products with sea buckthorn oil in the formula use such adulterated oil because it can be obtained for a much lower cost. Not Sibu!

Not only do we test our oil vigorously, we actually control the source from the hand-harvesting of the berries from wild plants in the Himalayas to the bottling of our end-products and bulk raws. Customers can rest assured that this sea buckthorn oil is of the utmost purity and efficacy. We guarantee it with our money-back return policy.




Helpful Articles


Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – Best used in consumable products or in very small concentrations for topical products. All of the berry’s Omega 7 is concentrated in the fruit oil, but must be consumed for it’s benefits.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil – Best used in topical products. Seed oil is packed with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and various healing qualities. There is virtually no Omega 7 in seed oil.

Sea Buckthorn fruit/pulp oil (we refer to it as “fruit oil”) is best used in consumable products. It’s highly pigmented so it can temporarily stain the skin orange if used in high concentration topically. It will make creams, lotions, etc the same color in even low concentrations.

All of the Omega 7 in sea buckthorn is concentrated in the fruit oil, though it can’t be absorbed through the skin. Thus, we recommend the fruit oil for ingestible products only.

Some manufacturers do use the fruit oil in topical products because it’s about 1/2 the cost of sea buckthorn seed oil. It’s somewhat effective, but we recommend seed oil for any topical products.

Both of our sea buckthorn oils (fruit and seed) are USDA certified organic and food-grade.

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