Sibu Rewards & Referrals

Join SIBU Rewards & Referrals and earn points every time you shop or refer friend - Redeem your points for exclusive discounts and FREE gifts.

It's FREE to Join.

Just click on the "SIBU Rewards & Referral" tab ("star" tab on mobile) at the bottom right of your screen and start earning today!

How Can You Refer a Friend?

Refer a friend and they'll get a $10 off coupon any order of $30 or more - You'll also receive $10 OFF your next order after their first purchase. 


Person icon

1. Log in to Click on the person icon found on the top right hand side, next to the shopping bag


SIBU Rewards & Referrals button
2. After you've logged in, look for the "SIBU Rewards & Referrals" tab found on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click on this tab to open up your rewards section. 


SIBU Rewards & Referrals tab

3. Scroll to the bottom of your rewards tab to find your unique referral link. Copy this link and share it with the world!

How Can I Earn Points for Exclusive Discounts & Free Gifts?

It’s as easy as shopping! Here are just a few of the ways you can earn points for SIBU goodies...

Money icon

Earn 3 Points for Every $1 You Spend

Like icon

Like us on facebook

Instagram icon

follow us on instagram

Birthday cake icon

have a birthday

Review icon

submit a review

More icon

and more!...

What Kind of Special Offers Can I Redeem My Points for?

Member only icon
special member only offers
Gift icon
freebies & gifts
Sale icon
FLAsh sale deals


Is there a cost to join SIBU Rewards & Referrals?

NO! It's 100% free join and start earning

How can I start earning points?

You automatically start earning rewards when you create your SIBU customer account with your name and email address. If you already have a customer account, you’re already earning points! To view your point balance, simply look for the SIBU Rewards and Referrals tab and log in. 

Can someone else use my SIBU Rewards account?

No. Your SIBU Rewards & Referrals membership is non-transferable and is unique to you. You cannot transfer (or sell) points.