SIBU Miracle Stick for Dry Damaged Skin

Fast relief & baby soft skin! Use SIBU Miracle Stick to bring relief to sunburn, windburn, cracked heals and cuticles, rashes, eczema, minor cuts and wounds or insect bites. Free of parabens, sulfates and artificial or synthetic ingredients, SIBU’s Miracle stick is formulated with organic sea buckthorn oils along with other healing oils and butters in an organic coconut oil base.

  • Easy to apply, glide-on stick
  • Super therapy for damaged skin
  • Helps dry skin, cracked heels, knees, & elbows
  • Helps dry cuticiles
  • Relief from sunburn, windburn, and insect bites

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Reduce the Premature Signs of Age

Aging is inevitable. The goal should be to look and feel as good as possible regardless of what birthday you’ll celebrate next. I’ve always looked forward to getting older (and wiser hopefully) but I don’t necessarily welcome the extra aches and pains or the “smile” lines I’m noticing around my eyes and mouth. So what can we do to minimize the signs of age that we see in the mirror or feel every morning when we get out of bed? Many of us will sit back and just let it happen. Others will take action!

The visible signs of age show up mainly on our skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and we do in fact take it for granted much of the time. The damage that we do physically to our skin can cause it to age prematurely. This type of aging due to external forces is called extrinsic aging. This includes, but is not limited to, good ole Mr. Sunshine and all those years we spent basking in its rays as teenagers. Take a look at this great article from the American Academy of Dermatology. It recognizes right off the bat that a large part of HOW & WHY our skin ages is genetic. They call this type of aging intrinsic aging. The article lists 11 ways you can REDUCE premature skin aging. Be sure to note that a few of the items on the list will ALSO help with those morning aches and pains.  Treat your skin like the rock star it is.  Protect it!  Pamper it!  Give it the love you deserve!

Don’t take this whole aging thing lying down.  Break out the sunscreen, commit to eating healthier and take the stairs more often.  We are all going to age. Let’s just do everything we can to look and feel our best while we do it!  Until next time, stay beautiful!


How to Use Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Sea buckthorn

The field of nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and supplements is constantly evolving. There are many factors that go into the nutritional choices you should make, and it is important to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients for good health. One common area that many people in this day and age are lacking is the omega category. There are different types of omegas, and they each have a unique and important function in your health. Read on to learn more about omegas, supplements that can get you the right nutrients, and why you should consider a sea buckthorn supplement.

Supplement Options

There are many different supplements on the market that contain omegas, but that doesn’t mean they are all created equal. There are various sources of omegas, including fish, soy, nuts, and oils. One of the best available sources of omegas are sea buckthorn products, since they contain Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. A popular form of this product is a softgel, since you don’t have to taste the oil or use a dropper like you would in its pure oil form. It is important to make sure your supplements come from reputable brands and sources, and a 1000mg softgel, or 2 of our soft gels is often recommended for a daily dose.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Omegas in general, and sea buckthorn products specifically, have many health benefits. They are linked to healthy skin, hair, and nails, so people often take them as part of their beauty regimen. They also help lubricate eyes and joints while decreasing inflammation. They are important for stomach health, since they prevent ulcers and heal stomach problems. They are linked to anti-aging and anti-acne skin benefits, and can help prevent liver damage. Like any supplement, you should consult with your doctor before use, but sea buckthorn products are used by the general population to great success without negative side effects.

The Battle Against Dry Skin

Does your skin feel like it’s one size too small? Do you battle to keep it looking and feeling its best? Dry skin has a more difficult time retaining its own natural moisture and as colder winter weather sets in, this becomes even more of a problem for a lot of us.

Hydrated, healthy skin is the goal and knowing how to make that happen is the key to victory. A proper skincare regimen, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a little “self love” can make your dry skin much more manageable. For my skincare recommendations, read on!

Dry Skin Regimen

Cleanse – “Clean skin is happy skin!”

Cleansing the skin to remove excess dirt and makeup is key to allowing the skin to breath and recover. I recommend SIBU Polishing Facial Cleanser. The bonus of jojoba oil beads for very gentle exfoliation helps remove surface dead skin cells and leaves the skin softer and smoother. Be sure to use lukewarm or room temperature water as hot water can cause the skin to feel tight and dry.

Toner – “To tone or not to tone?”

The right toner can do wonders for dry skin. Spritzing on a hydrating toner can leave the skin feeling refreshed and toned. That little bit of extra hydration will also allow your serum, facial oil or lotion to absorb more effectively in to the skin. SIBU Clarifying Toner hydrates and balances the skin and can be spritzed on as part of your skincare routine or any time throughout day when your skin feels thirsty.

Serums & Facial Oils – “Worth the time and the price!”

A dry skin tends to show the signs of age a bit sooner than other skin types. Like a dried out riverbed, surface lines can be much more noticeable when there is a lack of moisture. Don’t be defined by your skin type! A little extra care can leave your skin looking and felling its’ best.  Serums and facial oils filled with skin loving nutrients and deep penetrating Hyaluronic acid can prevent your skin from giving away your age. These special treatments should be applied before your regular face cream or lotion. Try Hydrating Face Serum or our #1 selling Sea Berry Seed Oil to give your skin the love it deserves.

Moisturizer – “The star of the show!”

A good face cream is the star player in any skincare routine. It should do more than just feel good on your skin. SIBU Nourishing Face Cream utilizes organic sea buckthorn seed oil, meadow foam oil, aloe vera & shea butter to strengthen the skins’ natural lipid barrier, solving the problem mentioned above! With a healthy lipid barrier in place, your skin can retain its’ natural moisture and feel comfortable and look better every day. *Bonus – makeup goes on smooth and looks fresh all day long.


Of course all of us are different and we’re each willing to commit on different levels to a skincare routine. Your individual needs should be the determining factor. You may want to add an eye cream for the delicate skin around the eyes or a night cream for more intense hydration & repair while you rest from your daily cares. Your routine should be as individual as you are.

Omega-7 Supplements – “A supplement for my skin?”

If there is one thing that I would recommend for EVERYONE, it would be a sea buckthorn supplement. Sea buckthorn is the world’s richest source of Omega-7  and contains over 190 bioactive nutrients for whole body health and beauty. It works from the INSIDE to hydrate your skin and can really be the game changer in your victory over dry skin!



Exfoliation – The Secret to Youthful Skin


One of the most important things we can do for our skin as we get older is EXFOLIATE! Removing that built up layer of dead skin cells is important if we want fresh, beautiful & healthy skin to shine through. With age, our skins’ natural ability to slough off dead skin cells slows down. It needs a little help to stay looking its best!

Each skin type should look to a specific exfoliation regimen that will best suit their skin situation. For example, a dry skin needs regular exfoliation to help the skin properly & more effectively absorb the facial oils, serums and creams that are applied to the skin. Dead skin cells can prevent those products from absorbing in to the skin effectively, leaving them to sit on the surface looking and feeling heavy and greasy. An enzyme type exfoliation (mask or serum) that “passively” sloughs off dead skin cells revealing fresh, radiant skin underneath is ideal for a dry skin. They should add exfoliation in to their regimen 1-2 times per week.

Fine lines and wrinkles can appear deeper and more pronounced as dead skin cells build up. Sweep away those dead cells with regular exfoliation and help reduce the appearance of those tell tale signs of age.

Do you feel like your skin lacks the radiance it had when you were younger? That dull, lack luster appearance will disappear with the regular use of a high quality exfoliation product.

What about someone who is prone to acne? First of all, a skin that is experiencing “active breakouts” should avoid using a physical scrub on their skin. Stay away from scrubs when your skin is breaking out and opt for a deep pore-cleansing mask 1-2 times/week. Breakout can be caused by dirt and oils on the skin that get trapped in the pores by a build up of dead skin cells. Obviously a good cleansing routine is a must for this skin type but by adding a purifying mask to the routine a couple times a week, the skin will be less likely to experience breakout caused by clogged pores.

If you have sensitive skin, you may think that you can’t exfoliate because it will irritate your skin. This is not the case! Add a mild “short-contact” exfoliator to your daily regimen to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. A mild cleanser or toner with plant-based extracts can give your sensitive skin the exfoliation that it needs. You might also treat yourself once a week by using a cool wet washcloth in circular motions to sweep away dead skin cells.


Normal or combination skin types have a myriad of options when it comes to exfoliation. Their regimen should include either a manual (scrub) or enzyme based

exfoliator 1-2 times per week as needed. Remember, you want to keep those dead skin cells under control so they aren’t clogging your pores or preventing your skin care products from doing their job.

When should you exfoliate your skin? There really is no wrong or right answer to this question. Do what is most convenient for you. Adding this very important step in to your skincare routine will be totally worth the extra time it takes!

Bottom line is ALL skins need a little help in the exfoliating department. Finding the right exfoliator for your skin is a must!

SIBU for EVERY Skin Type

Sibu Beauty with its four original products was launched in retail stores in 2009. The original line consisted of Cleanse & Detox Soap, Repair & Protect Face Cream, Cellular Support Soft Gels and Liquid Supplement for Hair, Skin & Nails. Next to join the SIBU family in 2010 were Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Age Defying Eye Cream and Moisturizing Body Cream. In 2011, we ventured further in to the anti-aging category with the Balancing Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Serum and Replenishing Night Cream.  Clarifying Toner, Purifying Clay Mask and Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub rounded out the skin care line in 2012, followed by the addition of two new sea buckthorn supplements in 2014. Sibu 7 Pure and Sibu 7 Fruit Oil introduced a new focus on the additional benefits of Omega 7 for whole body health.

A brand revolution took place in 2016 when Sibu Beauty transitioned in to SIBU Sea Berry Therapy.  Beautiful, sophisticated new packaging and targeted messaging geared toward those with “problematic skin” took center stage. Though the products continued to be ideal for all skin types, the focus was put on rescuing problematic skin from the symptoms of skin situations such as Rosacea, Eczema and acne.

Though sea berry and the sea berry seed oil are incredibly effective at improving and relieving skin irritation, it’s important to remember that they provide many additional benefits both topically and internally. Since the launch of our new packaging, we’ve received a lot of questions and feedback in regards to the mention of problematic skin on the package.

It’s time to set the record straight! From the very beginning, SIBU has had something to offer anyone who wants skin that looks and feels its best every day. The decision has been made to drop the “rescue for problematic skin” tagline and get back to our roots of “beauty” from the inside out. We are excited to introduce our “Stay Beautiful” campaign that will include short videos and blog posts featuring the benefits of sea berry and SIBU for EVERY skin type. Be sure to check in often to learn more about all that SIBU has to offer YOU. Until next time, “Stay Beautiful”!

How To Avoid Sunspots

In our 20’s we’re often negligent. In our 30’s awareness creeps in, and by our 40’s we’re manning the battle stations.What’s the issue? Sunspots! Sun related hyperpigmentation is a long-term endeavor. Early and ongoing prevention is essential. So if the sun is our enemy, what are we to do?

Live in a cave and only come out at night? Vampires unite!

Wrap up like a mummy before leaving the house? The zombie apocalypse has nothing on you.

On a more practical note, you can actively minimize exposure and skin damage with strategic planning and skincare.

Sun Sense

10 am – 4 pm are the witching hours for UV rays. Try to avoid the sun during these times. This is a general guideline. These hours can be extended based on length of day and altitude. Walk on the shady side of the street. Trees, canopies, and awnings are your friends. But whom are we kidding? Beaches and swimming pools are calling and who can resist their siren song in the summertime?

Let’s face it. We are going to pursue adventures in the great outdoors. Be sure to bring your shade with you by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are a must for your eyes.

If you want to go the extra mile there is clothing with light waves and breath-ability that offer UV protection. It can even be worn while playing in the water. Nearly clear window tinting is available and will block 99% of UV rays. Much of our exposure is due to incidental sunlight. Windows in our homes, cars, and offices can cause skin issues over the long-term. Investing in window tinting can make a big difference.

Reflective surfaces like water, snow, concrete, glass (you get the picture) will bounce UV rays right back at you even if you are in the shade. What’s the answer to this little problem?


Sunscreen is the Holy Grail for preventing sun damage and lets us go out into the light. Take a look at how the sun’s rays damage our skin even before it becomes visible on the surface and what sunscreen does to protect us.

But not all sunscreens are created equal. Chemical sunscreens have come under serious scrutiny. They do not always have full spectrum protection, UVA & UVB. The chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Because it is absorbed into the skin cells, when the chemicals breakdown as they absorb the UV rays, they can have carcinogenic consequences and that’s just what science has uncovered so far.

Mineral sunscreens actually block UV rays before they enter skin cells, have broad-spectrum protection, are non-irritating and don’t have questionable side effects.To learn more about choosing the right sunscreen, we recommend Mother Earth Living’s article, “Sunscreen Ingredients: Which Ones to Look For and Which Ones to Avoid”

But, is sunscreen enough?


Sunscreen cannot stop all UV exposure. The suns rays produce DNA-damaging free radicals when they come into contact with our skin. Topically applied antioxidants absorb the damaging energy from the sun protecting our cells, collagen, and elastin from harm. Dr. Neil Shultz explains this well.

Consuming fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants protect our skin from the inside out. Antioxidants in our skin cells counteract damage caused by sun exposure and can actually reverse hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Unique to the plant kingdom is the UV protection provided by sea buckthorn. Both consuming sea buckthorn berries with 190+ nutrients and applying sea buckthorn oil topically demonstrate radiation protective activity. Studies indicate that sea buckthorn’s flavonoids quercetin, isorhamnetin and kaempferol have superior free-radical scavenging activity.

The Time Is Now

No matter where you are on the spectrum of sun-induced skin damage, taking action now to protect yourself from future exposure will make a difference, not only with pigmentation issues but also with the prevention of skin cancer. Share what you’ve learned with friends and family. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. We need to take care of it diligently and daily.


The Health Benefits of Vitamin C and the Best Natural Version:

Antioxidants Protect Skin From UV Damage:

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil Consumption Prevents UV Exposed Skin Damage:

Radioprotective Activity of Sea Buckthorn:

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Not All Sea Buckthorn Is Created Equal – Where is the best sea buckthorn?

What the other guys don’t want you to know…. who has the best sea buckthorn, or as we like to call it, sea berry?

More and more companies are jumping on the sea buckthorn boat every day, claiming they’re the best of the best. But how do we know what’s hype and what’s true?

I’m not here to tell you who’s wrong and who’s right, but I am going to give you a few facts on the how and why we believe we truly excel in the world of sea buckthorn (sea berry)

Sea buckthorn is our specialty, it’s what we do…

Our entire business relies on the quality and the results this little orange berry can bring.

So with all the new and “improved” sea buckthorn products surfacing, it seems daily, how do you know which is the right pick?

Hopefully, we’ll answer a lot of your questions right here and now. If not, be sure to leave them in the comments section.

But first, what is sea buckthorn?

In one sentence, it’s whole food beauty nutrition, with some pretty amazing health benefits, too.

Sea buckthorn, also known as sea berry, is a tiny pea sized fruit that grows in various areas across Europe, Asia, and Canada.

Rich in over 190 naturally occurring nutrients, omegas 3, 9, and the elusive skin repairing, omega 7. Sea buckthorn has been used for over 1,300 years for its various beauty and health benefits.

Not all sea buckthorn is created equal…..

Don’t take our word for it, here’s a quick testimonial pulled from an Amazon customer review:

“DEFINITIVE DIFFERENCE -THIS BRAND IN SPECIFIC- I noticed that my hair had lost its vitality- just did not seem healthy and had lost volume and shine- seemed thinner. So I re-ordered this particular brand AGAIN- to try it out versus the New Chapter brand and one other on here that I had tried also-

 My experience was overwhelmingly positive but I do take 4 to 6 per day- which is a lot but my skin reversed itself in age seemingly and regained its shine and life in a major way- this brand of SIBU adds real glow to your skin….”

That’s just one customer, speaking on one benefit.

So you’re probably asking, what’s the Sibu difference?

Out of the many varieties of sea buckthorn that grow across the globe, there’s one specific type which has been tested and proven to have the highest nutritional levels and highest omega 7 content over any other variety.

It’s called turkistanica….. The best sea buckthorn in the world.

But again, don’t take our word for it. Take a gander at these third-party analyses measuring the percentage levels of omega 7.

This unique type of sea buckthorn (turkestanica) grows high in the Himalayan Mountain tops where the environment is harsh, the soil is tough and the air is thin.

These extremes in environment help create some of the best sea buckthorn in the world.

I know what you’re thinking, “So what, anybody can claim their sea buckthorn is from the pristine Himalayan Mountains”.

I say this, “put your berries where your mouth is!”

We are the only company that harvests from our own wild-growing sea buckthorn fields. Untouched by any type of harmful man-made process, we let Mother Nature do all the work.

And I’m sure she does it better than we could ever replicate!

Want proof?! Go and buy any other brand of sea buckthorn liquid supplement, pour yourself a glass and you’ll see a dull, tainted rusty brown color fill your cup.

Now, try our SIBU Omega 7 Pure (100% pure sea buckthorn, NOTHING else added) and you’ll be met with a bright, vibrant orange that just screams LIFE!

What sets Sibu apart from the other guys:

  • Hand harvested berries– only the ripe berries that are ready to be consumed ever make it into our finished product so you get perfectly crafted, wholefood nutrition.
  • Harvested in the early morning hours- the sun eats away and depletes nutrients in fruits as the day progresses. The early morning hours are when our sea buckthorn berries are at their best and most potent.
  • Same day processing– the moment you pick any type of fruit, you’ve taken it from its life force. It begins to die, it begins to lose nutrients. Processing our berries the same day they are harvested allows them to carry on more of the good stuff, ready for you to benefit from.

These are just a few of the direct actions we take to ensure you’re getting the best, highest quality, most nutritious sea buckthorn available anywhere!

Stay tuned for more Sibu, the best Sea Buckthorn, and Omega 7 news you won’t get anywhere else.

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Sea Buckthorn for Clear, Calm, Beautiful Skin

Problematic, acne prone, sensitive, or irritable skin?… SIBU was made for you!

But first, what do SIBU customers have to say?

  • “I’ve come down with acne in my later years and the prescription medication that my Dermatologist prescribed was so drying that I started developing more age line (which I didn’t have before.) I read about this Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil in one of Dr. Gott’s newspaper column and thought I would give it a try. The very first day my pimples started clearing up and by the 5th day it was all gone and my skin looks better than it has in years. Just one drop on each side of my face and a dab on my nose and chin at night after washing my face is all it takes. I just splash tepid water on my face in the morning and that’s all I do. I would recommend this product to anyone having a problem with acne.” – Scott L.
  • “This oil is AMAZING. Seriously, it’s amazing. If you have any red, rough, scaly, dry, peeling, etc patches on your skin, this stuff will do wonders….My dad has chronically red, flaky patches around the eyebrows and this stuff literally soothed them and made them go away over night.” J.J.
  • I am post menopausal and have been plagued with acne breakouts and large pores my whole life. So, believe me when I tell you I would never put oil on my face. I read about Sea Buckthorn oil I decided to give it a try. I am amazed!! I have only used it for about 4 days but already my skin looks good enough to go out without makeup – something I never usually do. My skin looks and feels smoother, my pores are smaller and any pimples I had healed and disappeared.  I would definitely recommend this product (and already have.)”

If you’ve ever said, “I can’t use anything on my skin because its so sensitive” or “Everything I do seems to make my skin worse” or “nothing works on my skin!”

…SIBU was made for YOU

  • Calms and soothes irritated, sensitive skin (often after one day’s use) so your skin is calm & clear.
  • Helps repair blemished and damaged skin so your complexion is smooth and radiant
  • Natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial sea buckthorn properties help stop breakouts & diminish acne problem
  • Helps accelerate tissue healing so your skin can quickly recover from breakouts for that night out on the town.
  • Nourishes your skin from the inside out for the critical Omega 7 internal nutritional support. It’s food for your skin.
  • The biggest benefit? Feel good in your own skin again!

Problematic, sensitive skin is all too common, with far too few solutions. I take that back, problem skin is all too common with, far too few solutions that work.

We’ve all been there. We hear about the newest cream, cleanser, or serum, that will finally improve our skin, so we go out and buy this new miracle product with our hopes high, only to repeat the viciously endless cycle.

Buy. Try. Repeat. Buy. Try. Repeat.…… Sound familiar?

You start to wonder, will anything ever help my skin?

You’re not alone. Skin care sales are expected to rise to $121 billion by the year 2016 according to Let that sink in a bit, $121 billion!
Yet, a study commissioned by Dove reported that over 90% of women are unhappy with their appearance.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

It’s not a shortage of selection, that’s for sure. Just take a stroll into any store with a decent skin care section.

With so many choices, you’ll be forever lost in trial and error trying to find the right product for your skin. Back to that old rut again……. Buy. Try. Repeat. Buy. Try. Repeat.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a product you can count on?

Why not go for something with a proven track record? More than just a typical testimonial that says, “it’s a great product”.

I’m talking time tested solutions. Solutions that have been used as far back as 1,300 years! Think about it, anything that stands the test of time will all have one thing in common. It works!

Why else would it be passed down generation after generation?

The elusive Sea Berry (sea buckthorn) is one of those few that have passed the test.

Referenced in various ancient medical texts, the most well-known, the Sibu Yidian dedicates an entire 13 chapters to this little berry and all its health & beauty benefits. (It’s how SIBU’s name came to be!)

There are various types, but only one measures with the highest overall nutritional values. It’s called Turkestanica. So in a world full of products that are all hype and no results, what are we to do? Simple, look for skin care with a proven track record.