Why You Need A Toner For Your Skin | SIBU Clarifying Toner

SIBU Clarifying Facial Toner: A Refreshing & Nourishing Spritz

If there is one product that is very underrated, it would have to be a toner.

Toners provide a heap more benefits than you may realize, and it may just be that one thing missing from your current skincare ritual.

Of course, the type of toner you use makes a difference; you want to avoid those harsh, drying conventional toners and instead, treat your skin to a spritz of refreshing, pure nourishment.

Look no further! Read on to discover how a missing a high quality toner in you routine can be the cause of your skin care woes.

How Can a Toner Help My Skin?

If you are skeptical about toners then you either haven’t used one before or you have been burned in the past (possibly quite literally!)

Toners gained a bit of a bad reputation as a result of the ingredients they contained. Toners used to be incredibly drying and this is never good news for the skin. When your skin is stripped free from all oils, including your natural oils, it can put your skin barrier at risk.

While there are many natural, hydrating options available today, many of the conventional brands still tend to contain quite harsh ingredients that your skin doesn’t love.

Of course, this is where our beautiful toner comes in! Here are just a few excellent ways our toner can benefit your skin:

  • Tightens and refines pores
  • Smooths the skin
  • Promotes a healthy glow
  • Reduces breakouts
  • Balances pH levels for healthier, happier skin
  • Boosts hydration for a dewy complexion

Why Your Skin Will LOVE Our Clarifying Toner

Our lovely toner is absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants, including the elusive omega 7, found in Sea Berry, to infuse your skin with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

A few spritzes will instantly revive your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and re-energized with a deep dose of moisture for a radiant glow!

This one sinks right in without ever leaving your skin feeling dry or leaving behind a sticky residue.

Clarifying Toner

The SIBU Clarifying Facial Toner

A spritz or two (or three!) of our toner before applying your facial oil or you other favorite skin items will aid in absorption so your skin drinks up all of the nutrients & goodness in your skin care. 

A few spritzes over your makeup can help to set your makeup in place for the whole day.

Keep it in your purse or bag and spritz it whenever you need a cooling, refreshing burst of goodness!

Try the SIBU Clarifying Toner today and experience what a quality facial toner can do for you...