What You Are Doing To Cause Wrinkles (And How To Prevent Them)

Eventually, we all get there. Looking in the mirror and seeing the signs of aging beginning to show their face. Where did these wrinkles come from? How do I get rid of these wrinkles? How do I prevent more wrinkles?

No, making the decision to never look in another mirror is not a solution, but there are some very simple steps you can take in your daily life to prevent wrinkles and get rid of unwanted wrinkles on your face.

The Biology of Wrinkles

Our body is a system, a machine in a sense, and this "machine" begins to breakdown from natural wear and tear as we age. If we're not giving our skin the topical and internal support it needs, this breakdown process accelerates dramatically.

When it comes to our skin, our cells slow down just like the rest of our bodies causing wrinkles, less elasticity and a diminished glow.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid do not regenerate as quickly, so new cells don't come to the surface like they did in our youth. At a molecular level, our cells are unable to dump toxins which will eventually begin to breakdown and degrade the skin cell, meaning more signs of aging. 

What YOU Are Doing to Cause Wrinkles

You may be doing damage to your skin every day and don’t even know it! If you are guilty of any of the following, making these simple changes can help you prevent wrinkles and bring about an incredible improvement in your skin:

  • Skipping the SPF: Just because you aren’t at the pool does not mean you do not need to apply sunscreen. SPF should be applied every morning if you plan on any outdoor time. Also, if you do a lot of driving or sit near a window at work or in your home, adding an SPF might be a good idea.

  • Constantly Squinting: It could be from needing an update on your eyeglass prescription, constantly looking at your phone, or reacting to bright light. Think of laugh lines, minus the happiness and laughter.

  • Pulling or Rubbing Your Eyes: Rubbing those tired itchy eyes may feel good, but it is breaking down the collagen and elastin in the already delicate cells. You may also be causing wrinkles when putting on daily eye makeup by tugging too hard on the skin.

  • Using Harsh Cleansers: Your body is a machine, but don't wash it like one. Your skin needs pure & natural ingredients, so stay away from products that contain toxic, skin damaging chemical components. Try the SIBU Luxe Oil for a 100% pure, USDA organic botanical facial oil. A beauty oil as close to Mother Nature as possible. 

  • Sleeping On Your Stomach: Many experts suggest sleeping on your back to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face as you sleep.

  • Smoking: This is an easy one. You should quit smoking for SO many reasons, but in regards to preventing wrinkles, smoking causes cellular damage, toxin build up, discoloration of your skin, and increased wrinkles around your mouth every time you take a drag.

  • Drinking From a Straw: As with the cigarette, constantly using the muscles around your mouth to sip on a straw will cause wrinkles at the lips.

  • Eating Too Much Sugar: Sugar will bind to collagen in a process called glycation, making the collagen weaker and losing elasticity.

  • Using TOO MUCH Product: So often people follow this ritual of multiple cleansers and moisturizers and serums. All of those different products can irritate skin more, causing inflammation, and the constant rubbing, buffing, and scrubbing will stretch skin and cause wrinkles.

What You Can Do To Prevent and Get Rid of Wrinkles

Now that you know what you should NOT do, here are a few tips on what you should do:

To learn more about what causes wrinkles and how to prevent wrinkles, check out all of the solutions SIBU has to offer by visiting our products page.