Simple Green Smoothies, Benefits & Boosters

The beginners guide - Simple green smoothies

Why are Green Smoothies So Beneficial?

Our diets just aren't what they used to be....

Not too long ago, foods were fresh, full of nutrients, and health enhancing.. Today, foods are heavily processed, fast, low frequency, low energy, full of preservatives, chemical flavorings, and who knows what else.

We're simply not getting the nutrients our bodies so desperately need.

So how do we overcome this modern day dilemma that's causing sickness and disease? One powerful and simple method?.... Drinking high nutrient green smoothies and juices!

What are the benefits of green smoothies?

By now you’ve probably heard how beneficial green smoothies can be for your overall health. 

  • Natural Weight Loss - Green smoothies (with the right ingredients) are packed with fruits and veggies, which provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that we don't get in our normal day to day meals.

  • Immune System Booster - By adding all these vitamins and minerals, you're helping your body get the things it needs to fight off disease and infection. Citrus fruits and ginger give your immune system a boost, which is especially helpful during cold and flu season.

  • Healthy, Youthful, Clear Skin - All the skin care products in the world won't do a thing if your body doesn't have the necessary building blocks to generate healthy skin internally. You must address the cause, not the symptom.

The vast benefits you'll experience when you're feeding your body what it truly wants and needs can be astounding and jaw-dropping to say the least.


    Green smoothie next to blender

    What Can You Put in a Green Smoothie?

    One of the biggest benefits of green smoothies is how easy they are to make.

    Fresh greens mixed with your favorite fresh fruit are powerful green smoothie ingredients you can use to make a delicious and healthy meal or snack.

    Fresh fruit is great to use in green smoothies because it provides fiber, helps mask the taste of the greens, and gives your smoothie a nice, creamy texture. It’s like drinking a (healthy) dessert!

    What About Smoothie Enhancers/Boosters?

    Here's where the magic happens!

    Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than what is available to us today. 

    This is where smoothie boosters and nutritional enhances come in to play. These provide super-high levels of concentrated nutrients that flood the body with all the good stuff it needs. 

    • Bee Pollen
    • Collagen Powder
    • Acai
    • Reishi Mushroom
    • Adaptogens
    • Sea buckthorn

    And list goes on...

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    By combining these simple green smoothie ingredients, you can make something amazing for you health.

    Here are a couple of easy recipes you can make for a super charged green smoothie:

    Tropical Green Smoothie

    Blend the spinach and the water together until it resembles green water. Add the rest and blend until everything is combined.

    Kid Friendly Green Smoothie

    • 1 cup packed chopped curly kale
    • 1 cup packed baby spinach
    • 1 cup mango (or fruit of your choice)
    • 1 cup no sugar added 100% fruit juice
    • 1 oz. Omega 7 Pure

    Blend the kale, spinach, and juice together until blended. Add fruit and blend until smooth.