The Battle Against Dry Skin

Does your skin feel like it’s one size too small? Do you battle to keep it looking and feeling its best? Hydrated, healthy skin is the goal and knowing how to make that happen is the key to victory. A proper skincare regimen, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a little “self love” can make your dry skin much more manageable. For my skincare recommendations, read on!

Dry Skin Regimen

Cleanse – "Clean skin is happy skin!"

Cleansing the skin to remove excess dirt and makeup is key to allowing the skin to breath and recover. I recommend SIBU Polishing Facial Cleanser. The bonus of jojoba oil beads (plant based, never using any plastics) for very gentle exfoliation helps remove surface dead skin cells and leaves the skin softer and smoother. Be sure to use lukewarm or room temperature water as hot water can cause the skin to feel tight and dry.

Toner – "To tone or not to tone?" 

The right toner can do wonders for dry skin. Spritzing on a hydrating toner can leave the skin feeling refreshed and toned. That little bit of extra hydration will also allow your serum, facial oil or lotion to absorb more effectively in to the skin.

Serums & Facial Oils – "Worth the time and the price!" 

A dry skin tends to show the signs of age a bit sooner than other skin types. Like a dried out riverbed, surface lines can be much more noticeable when there is a lack of moisture. 

Don’t be defined by your skin type! A little extra care can leave your skin looking and felling its best. Serums and facial oils filled with skin loving nutrients and deep penetrating hyaluronic acid can prevent your skin from giving away your age. These special treatments should be applied before your regular face cream or lotion.

Try the Hydrating Facial Serum or our #1 selling Sea Berry Seed Oil to give your skin the love and glow it deserves.

Moisturizer - "The Star of the Show!"

A good face cream is the star player in any skincare routine. It should do more than just feel good on your skin. SIBU Nourishing Face Cream utilizes organic sea buckthorn seed oil, meadow foam oil, aloe vera & shea butter to strengthen the skins' natural lipid barrier, solving the problem mentioned above!

With a healthy lipid barrier in place, your skin can retain its’ natural moisture so your skin stays hydrated throughout the entire day.  You may want to add an eye cream for the delicate skin around the eyes (helps with under-eye bags and dark circles) or a night cream for more intense anti-aging repair while you rest from your daily cares.

Omega 7 Supplements - "A supplement for my skin?"

Last, but definitely not least. If there is one key point that I would recommend for everyone, it would be our Omega 7 supplements

The internal nutritional support to healthy beauty has been far too long overlooked and ignored... and it's the KEY missing component to truly healthy, youthful, glowing skin from the inside-out.

Sea buckthorn is the world’s richest source of Omega-7 and contains over 190 bioactive nutrients for whole body health and beauty. It works from the inside to hydrate your skin and can be the game changer in your victory over dry skin! By strengthening your skin cell walls, it helps your skin retain more of its natural moisture and helps keep out the many toxins that cause skin cell damage.

Start your dry skin regimen today!