Sea Berry is Sea Buckthorn

High in the Himalayan valleys of Leh and Nubra grows a little orange berry packed with over 190 bioactive compounds. Growing wild there for over 1300 years, this nutrient dense sea buckthorn berry is the whole reason SIBU even exists.

Most commonly know as Sea Buckthorn, this berry does not grow by the sea, but its’ shrubs do tout fairly ominous thorns. It thrives naturally in sandy soil at altitudes from 4000 – 14000 feet above sea level, mainly in Asia and throughout Europe. There are many names by which this little superfruit is known. Sea Buckthorn (obviously), sanddorn, sallowthorn and Sea Berry, as we call it at SIBU, are just a few of them. SIBU packaging was updated in 2016 and we chose to replace Sea Buckthorn with the more “beautiful sounding” Sea Berry. 

SIBU is committed to providing the highest quality skin care products available and to making sure that the Sea Berry we use is the best and most nutrient dense available. All SIBU Sea Berries grow at 12000-13000 feet above sea level and are harvested by hand as they have been for centuries. Turkestanica, ssp. is the only subspecies of Sea Berry that we harvest due to its’ high omega 7 content and unmatched nutrient profile. 

The Sea Berry harvest takes place each year in early fall and lasts for a short 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, nough berries will be harvested and processed to support our manufacturing needs for the coming year. It’s important to note that SIBU’s fair trade and sustainable practices ensure that the local villagers who harvest the berries are paid fair and living wages and that there will be wild-crafted Sea Berries available for many more centuries to come.

The benefits of Sea Berry provide beautiful, healthy skin and whole body health for all ages, male and female. If you’d like more information on those benefits and on how SIBU came to be, please visit our website, Until next time, stay beautiful!