A New Year, A New You - Let SIBU Help You Make Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

You Get to Decide How Your Year Will Go...

We’ve said goodbye to 2020, and we’ve welcomed 2021 officially!

How are you feeling, SIBU fam? Has this year been treating you well so far? We hope so! 

If you’re still a bit unsure (we wouldn’t blame you) of where this year will take you, we’d like to invite you to join us in taking a moment and allowing yourself to just … breathe.

Seriously, take the next 5 minutes, or 2 minutes if that’s all you can spare to be alone and really breathe deeply in and out.  

You’re back? Great!

For most people, the New Year starts out with a list of goals, hopes, dreams, or as it’s better known… resolutions!

You know, the things we want to accomplish in the fresh new year we’ve been blessed with! If health is top priority for you this year, then we’d like to help! Here are our top 3 tips for a healthier, new you in 2021!

Be With Yourself...

We know most of you spent 2020 indoors, so naturally you did a lot of “next episode” clicking on your remote!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a little me-time binging, but when you watch TV for long periods of time, you tend to “zone out” whether you realize it or not. You completely remove yourself from your surroundings which isn’t the best for your mental health.

Instead, you could take up a stillness practice and really get to know your higher self. Meditation is great for this… and it doesn’t have to be the typical hands resting on your legs pose as you sit in silence practice! Meditation for you could mean a walk around your neighborhood, where you really truly take in the surroundings, without thinking about the day ahead. 

You could try apps like Calm or Insight Timer to help get you started!

Get Your Blood Flowing...

We can’t stress the importance of moving your body enough!

If you’re fortunate to be locked down in a sunny climate right now, getting outdoors for you may be easier. But even if you’re surrounded by the white stuff, bundle up and get your blood flowing… even if it’s just for a walk around the block.

Staying indoors (especially during lockdown) could wreak havoc on your mind, and there are few things better for this than getting in touch with nature.

Why not take it a step further this year and search for nearby trails? Have fun with it! 

Nourish from the Inside-Out with Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Speaking of connecting with your higher self, you may find this difficult to do if you aren’t filling your physical body with nutrient rich foods and supplements.  

Your mental health is directly dependent on the foods you put in your body, and the Omega 7 support you may find in our Omega 7 Support Soft Gels are a great way to nourish your cells from the inside out.

Omega 7 has a wide range of benefits for your mind and body, including: 

  • Supporting Healthy Skin & Tissue Repair
  • Nourishing Hair From the Inside-Out 
  • Supporting Strong Healthy Nails 
  • Supporting a Healthy Heart 
  • Supporting Healthy Mucous Membranes  
  • Soothing & Repairing Intestinal Linings  
  • Relieving Mild to Extreme Dry Eye 

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