How to Pick the Best, Purest, Most Effective Sea Buckthorn & Omega 7

SIBU vs. "Other" Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn offers many wonderful health benefits. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, and it has incredible antioxidant properties. It’s easy to make a case as to why sea buckthorn & omega-7 should be part of your life, but before jumping on the bandwagon, it’s important to understand why quality matters and what to look for in choosing a high-potency sea buckthorn supplement. 

Less-than-ethical supplement makers

Sea buckthorn has exploded in popularity, and it’s fantastic that more people are discovering the health potential these berries hold; it also opens the doorway for less-than-ethical supplement makers trying to make a buck or two.

The truth is that quality, potency, and purity can make or break an Omega 7 supplement, and most of what you find on the market isn’t living up to your high standards. SIBU stands out in all of these areas, and here’s why.

Let’s start with potency...

Most brands aren’t offering transparency when it comes to how much omega-7 is in their sea buckthorn products. We looked at our sea buckthorn compared to others on the market and found that while SIBU is consistently more than 50% omega-7 fatty acids, others that we looked at didn’t even come close.

The nearest competitor offers about half the potency that we do, and most others are far below that. You can’t get all the benefits of omega-7 from low-potency products such as these.

Next, let’s address purity...

When it comes to omega-7, the less processing a supplement goes through, the better. Our omega 7 from Turkestanica sea buckthorn undergoes minimal processing. That’s less time and resources spent on processing, which translates to a purer, more environmentally gentle product for you.

Many of the budget omega-7 supplements on the market are sourced from fish oil. In order to get it to you and have it remain relatively shelf-stable, there’s a lot of processing involved. Extra processing means less omega 7, more impurities, and added stress on the environment.

sea buckthorn species type? Critical.

Do you know what species of sea buckthorn your supplement is sourced from? If you’re not using SIBU, then we’re not sure either. What we can tell you is that our berries are sourced from one-of-a-kind T7® Turkestanica sea buckthorn species.

This species is exclusively wild-grown and harvested in the Himalayan mountains and has been verified to have the most potent levels of omega 7. The berries from this plant contain more than 190 bioactive compounds. It's our T7® promise, to give you the world's most potent sea buckthorn omega 7.

inferior sea buckthorn begins at harvest

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching supplements, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that there are a lot of impurities and inferior ingredients packed into bottles and capsules that unsuspecting people take to improve and support their health.

Unfortunately, sea buckthorn/omega 7 is not exempt from this. If you want to know what the difference between quality and inferior sea buckthorn is, it all begins with growing and harvesting. The sea buckthorn berries used in our products are organic, harvested by hand following Fair Trade standards,

Only the berries that are perfect for harvesting are picked during each session. This not only ensures that each berry is packed with nutrients and omega 7, but it also allows for more natural, gentle growth patterns that support the natural wildlife and ecosystems.

We also have a very thorough quality control process in place, which ensures that SIBU sea buckthorn quality never dips to the standards that our competitors are alright with.

make sure you get the best of the best

With a growing number of inferior sea buckthorn/omega-7 supplements making their way into the market, it’s become more important than ever to look for quality, reliability, and a brand you can trust.

Customer reviews are often the first place most of us look to assess a company’s reputation. We like to know what fellow consumers think just as much as the next person. Keep in mind that some reviews might not be genuine, especially when they’re coming from third-party sites .

Use your best judgment when looking at reviews. Something doesn’t seem right about a supplement that only has 30-50 reviews, and they’re all 5 stars. Even the highest quality product is going to have a few people in the mix who weren’t completely satisfied with something. These types of critical reviews help supplement makers improve their products and offer top-level customer service when issues arise.

If you’re on 3rd party seller websites, also look to see if the review was left by a verified purchase. Some companies may reimburse their reviewers for products in return for a positive review, but this isn’t as common as unethical companies that simply go out and purchase dozens or hundreds of fake reviews.

Aside from reviews, there are a few other questions you should ask yourself when looking at a supplement company’s reputation.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are there reviews for their products and are they verified customers? 
  • Are there pictures of the products to go along with the reviews?
  • Does the company have any complaints filed with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does the company offer transparency with its ingredients and production processes?
  • What is their customer service process? Are they easy to contact, and do they resolve issues quickly?

bottom line

As conscious consumers, we need to be proactive in doing the research and choosing companies that follow through on their claims, offer transparency, and provide quality – especially when it concerns supplements for health. Sea buckthorn/omega-7 offers a long list of incredible benefits, but quality, potency, and purity are key. Where our competitors fall short, SIBU sea buckthorn exceeds expectations in these categories and more.