Not ONE Single Stretch Mark!

How can sea buckthorn oil help prevent stretch marks?

Here's Michelle's experience using SIBU Sea Buckthorn Oils:

"Pregnancy is one of the most joyous times; however, it comes along with some worries!

Will I be a good parent?

Will I raise the baby properly?

How will I balance everything?

Will my body go back to how it was?

Will I get stretch marks?

I would get told time and time again that once baby arrives parent instincts kick in and your love for the baby drives and motivates you to raise them the best you can. So that was very settling to hear.

But, what about the body aspect of things?

No one was giving me sound advice about how to protect my body during pregnancy. I had to do my own research.

Many products that prevent stretch marks have words I can’t pronounce or ingredients I can’t stand!

I had to do better for me and my baby! I needed something that was safe and that worked. I knew I needed the product to be oil based because oil dives deep into the skin and helps to protect multiple layers instead of just the top layer. And I knew I wanted it to be so safe that I could eat it!

I ended up finding the jackpot! I found SIBU Sea Buckthorn Oil! This oil is not only safe and natural but also has many benefits! SIBU has a seed oil and a fruit oil from sea buckthorn, each of which have different benefits. I used these two oils in conjunction to combat stretch marks during pregnancy.

The results were shocking! My belly was pretty large during pregnancy and I didn’t get a single stretch mark. And my stomach shrunk back in flawlessly as well too! I know what gift I will bring to baby showers and I know what I’m going to use in the future to prevent stretch marks!

The amazing thing is - preventing stretch marks is just the tip of the iceberg for this miraculous oil.

Thank you SIBU for your high quality and safe products."

YouTube Channel - Michelle Nguyen
Instagram - @elle_juliet