How Can a Facial Serum Miraculously Transform Your Skin?

facial serum transform your skin

how can a facial serum boost your skin care?

If your skincare ritual is feeling a little boring or perhaps it feels like something is missing, then this article is for you!

While a no-fuss cleanse and moisturize routine is essential for healthy, happy skin, there is another product that can give your skin a serious boost while still being super easy to incorporate into your already simple regime.

That product is a facial serum!

In this article, we want to share the incredible ways a serum can perk up your skin and deliver powerful benefits, you won’t be disappointed with the results!

retain up to 10x more moisture in your skin

Serums contain the ideal balance of water and oil to provide some potent skin care properties.The particles in a serum are smaller than an oil or moisturizer, allowing them to penetrate deep into the pores where they deliver their active ingredients at a cellular level.

In fact, a serum typically contains 10 times the active ingredients of a moisturizer!

Serums are especially helpful for targeting specific skin care concerns, such as aging, blemishes and even hyper-pigmentation.

They can be worn alone or layered with a moisturizer if your skin is especially dry and in need of all the hydration it can get!

A serum should always be applied right after cleansing and/or toning, before any other products and you should use your fingertips to gently press, not rub, your serum into your skin.

Wait until fully absorbed before applying any oil or moisturizer.

Stimulate collagen production in your skin

sea buckthorn hydrating facial serum

Applying a serum is a wonderful, luxurious experience, as you take some time out for yourself while enjoying the silky feel of luxe ingredients gliding over your skin and infusing your pores with deep down nourishment.

Our Hydrating Facial Serum contains our beautiful signature Sea Berry along with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to fight free radicals and boost collagen for more youthful looking skin, as well as brighten the complexion for a luminous, radiant glow! Sibu Hydrating Face Serum

The rich vitamin C content of our serum helps to instantly revive fatigued skin while refining your pores and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.

This serum is excellent for very dry skin, yet its super light formula that absorbs instantly, makes it just as popular and beneficial for oily skin types.

It has a light, citrus scent (made with orange & lemon essential oils, never any artificial fragrances) that is pleasant and never overpowering.

The gentle, yet powerful oils and soothing ingredients will help to nourish even the most sensitive skin types and it’s one product you will definitely want to include in your skincare ritual!

Sometimes, a serum is all it takes to instantly bring life back to your dull skin. Your skin deserves love, attention and beautiful ingredients always! Try yours today...