How To Get Luscious, Moisturized Lips: Best DIY Sea Buckthorn Lip Scrub And Its Phenomenal Benefits

DIY sea buckthorn lip scrub

Making the Best DIY Lip Scrub

Dry air, heat, UV rays from the sun, the brutal cold, and dehydration are just a few of the harsh elements that can dry your lips out and chap them to smithereens.

Dull, dry or cracked lips can benefit greatly with one simple action: exfoliate!

The great thing about lip scrubs is that they are easy to DIY.

The most crucial part of a lip scrub is the oil base. Having a quality oil in the scrub won’t dry the lips out from too much scrubbing.

Luckily, SIBU makes a phenomenal sea buckthorn oil perfect for any scrub, including lip scrubs.

Our exclusive T7 Himalayan sea buckthorn (aka sea berry) oil is sold in large containers for DIY skincare, cosmetics, dietary supplementation and food preparation. Plus, it is food grade, cruelty-free and vegan.

It is very important to put clean oils on your skin. SIBU's sea berry oil is fair and sustainably sourced. It is extracted via Super-Critical CO2 Extraction, which is the most effective and clean extraction technology. This ensures the highest concentration of nutrients are preserved.

Tips For More Moisturized Lips

Lip scrubs are phenomenal physical exfoliants which lead to dewier, more kissable lips. There are additional ways to make sure your lips are staying hydrated.

Drinking more water has been proven to make the skin more elastic, bouncier, and more supple (featuring less acne, too!).

Guess what? Lips are skin too. By drinking more water, you will be well on your way to having the moisturized lips of your dreams.

Lip hydration does not stop with water. Taking supplements with Omega 7, like SIBU's Omega 7 Soft-Gels, can moisturize your entire body. Omega 7 is a natural lubricant, creating gorgeous hair, skin and nails with daily use.

Lip scrub benefits

Subconsciously, everyone pays attention to people’s lips. After all, they’re what you talk and communicate with. And it’s no secret that you wouldn’t want to kiss someone whose lips are flaking off onto the table in front of you during a dinner date.

This is where a lip scrub comes in handy!

Lip scrubs remove pesky, dry skin cells lurking on the top layer of your lips, called the stratum corneum.

When the dead skin cells turn over, new skin cells come to the surface. The faster you do this, the faster new skin grows, which is where exfoliation comes in handy!

Pro tip: You must ensure to be careful when you scrub your lips, as to not be too harsh and destroy this feeble top layer of the lips.

Having less crusty lips can up your confidence levels, leading to a more positive self-image and allowing you to live a more outgoing, full life. Therefore, the benefits of more hydrated lips don’t stop in the physical plane!

DIY sea buckthorn oil Lip Scrub Recipe: 

Combine and mix! Depending on how much you use, this recipe makes enough for 2-4 scrubs. Be sure to multiply all the ingredients by 2, 3, 4, or 5+ to make bigger quantities and store for a rainy day (well, actually, a drying day!)

After scrubbing the scrub all over your lips, make sure to apply a quality, moisturizing lip oil or lip balm to prevent the fresh skin from drying out.

The moral of the story? Lip scrubs provide boundless positive results! What are you waiting for? Buy a bottle of SIBU’s Sea Buckthorn Oil today and make an easy, simple lip scrub… PS: it’s edible!