5 Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation and How Omega 7 Can Help


chronic inflammation Can Lead to serious problems

If you are experiencing chronic inflammation, omega 7 may be the powerhouse fatty acid to alleviate inflammation throughout your body.

Omega 7 is a rare monounsaturated fatty acid found in some foods. Sea buckthorn being the world's richest known source. (SIBU Omega 7 Soft-Gels are made from USDA organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Oils).

Taking omega 7 on a regular basis comes with many health benefits. This supplement is beneficial to the heart (supports optimal LDL cholesterol levels), boosts collagen production (resulting in fabulous hair, skin and nails), helps maintain a healthy weight, etc.

On top of all these benefits, omega 7 supports mucous membrane function, digestive and urogenital tract health, relief for dry eyes and migraines, as well as plenty of other pros not mentioned.

Of the many benefits provided by sea buckthorn omega 7, one of the biggest is its ability to help reduce inflammation. In fact, many of our most pressing health issues can begin with areas of inflammation throughout the body.

Alleviate these 5 chronic symptoms of inflammation with omega 7

1. Fatigue, Grogginess, Brain Fog

Omega 7 is an often overlooked part of the omega family. Omega 3 maintains most of the hype in the wellness media sphere. Yet, it is important to note that people with higher levels of omega 7 in their bloodstream have lower levels of inflammation and a lower risk of diabetes.

Because high inflammation results in fatigue, by supplementing with omega 7 to reduce inflammation, it can help you become much less groggy and brain fog symptoms may dramatically lower. When was the last time you woke up revitalized, full of energy and refreshed? Omega 7 may help.

2. Acne, Red, Inflamed, "Angry" Skin

A common inflammation symptom is acne. Acne can happen for many reasons, such as food intolerances (dairy, gluten, sugar, etc.) or hormonal imbalances (especially in women), and it is important to square away the root cause of acne.

Omega 7 plays a major role in helping out with these symptoms. This fatty acid works hard to improve the condition of skin, making it healthier and less inflamed with regular use. It helps repair the skin, hair and nails at a cellular level and restores the moisture barrier internally.

Omega 7 is perfect for improvements in acne symptoms, but also helps with a youthful glow thanks to its help with boosting skin’s plumpness and elasticity. Palmitoleic acid is found in abundance in omega 7, and this acid is known to kill certain strains of bacteria related to acne and inflammatory skin symptoms.

3. Joint Pain & Still Joints

Joint pain can happen for a multitude of reasons. Whether you are facing arthritis symptoms, feeling achy and dull pain, or overall concerned with aging and dehydration, Omega 7 can come to the rescue.

Because omega 7 is a natural lubricator in the body, it hydrates the joints, leading to less inflammation and overall pain. Finally, feel some relief and get back to living again!

4. Abdominal Discomfort & Pain

Inflammation can easily migrate to the gut, where a myriad of gastrointestinal symptoms may occur (such as bloating, constipation or diarrhea). Clinical research has found that omega 7 supports an anti-inflammatory response in the body and gut.

Stomach burning, pain, bloating, distention, etc. may be alleviated with regular omega 7 supplementation.  Did you know omega 7 may also help prevent and even eliminate ulcers?

5. Headaches & Dry Eyes

Experiencing regularly occurring headaches? If so, that’s another tell-tale sign your body is inflamed.

Ensure you are enforcing a preventative daily routine to reduce headaches. Get a good night’s sleep. Diet could also be the culprit in this case-- alcohol, dairy, and sugar are notorious for their negative effects on the body.

Staying hydrated and eating bounds of fruits and vegetables in all shapes, sizes and colors will play an instrumental role in reducing inflammation.

When in doubt, omega 7 may also help with headaches reducing inflammation and pressure. Headaches can even happen from dry eyes. Avoid blue light without blue light protective glasses.

Dehydration of the eyes can negatively affect your chances of feeling refreshed and headache-free throughout the day. omega 7 moisturizes the eyes and prevents them from feeling strained, and consequently may help alleviate headaches caused by eye strain.

Omega 7 is overall a phenomenal supplement. If any of these symptoms of inflammation ring true to you, it’s worth picking up SIBU Omega 7 Soft-Gels and experiencing what they can do for you overall health and inflammation in your body. For THE most potent sea buckthorn omega 7 supplement, try Omega 7 Pure (has more than double the amount of omega 7 per serving compared to the soft gels).

About SIBU’s Omega 7 Soft-Gels

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