The SIBU Journey for the Most Potent, Purest Sea Buckthorn in the World

Join Us On Our Journey 12,000 ft. Above Sea Level, Deep into the Pristine & Remote Mountain Valleys of the Himalayas

We've said it before, not all sea buckthorn is created equal...

But just how different is SIBU's one-of-a-kind T7® Turkestanica Sea Buckthorn species?

Where does it grow? How is it harvested? How does it compare to other sea buckthorn products? What's special about SIBU's sea buckthorn?

Well, just to get where our sea buckthorn berries grow wild is no easy task. You'll be traveling by plane, car, bus and will be walking & hiking for a whopping total of 30-35+ hours!

And that's only about 10% of the SIBU Journey.

The journey will take you to the Himalayan Mountains tops through the Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable road in the world, where we always stop and take SIBU toast! (watch video) It's a very dangerous road and many a car and truck have gone off the side and plunged thousands of feet to the passengers demise. The drivers, normally Buddhist, always say a prayer before departure.

The multi-day journey takes us to a mountain valley "hotel", where we find a place to sleep. It’s usually about $12 to $15 per night with no hot water. Hot water is $2 per bucket.

On the final leg of the journey, you begin to see sea buckthorn shrubs growing on the side of the roads, letting you know you're getting close. Once you finally arrive, you see the wild sea buckthorn fields stretching out as far as the eye can see. Sea buckthorn shrubs that resemble more to a tree reaching as tall as 45 feet! Sea buckthorn shrubs unlike any in the world.

It's here, in this remote, pristine mountain region that we harvest our sea buckthorn, thousands and thousands of miles away from any type man-made, toxic, nutrient depleting environment, growing wild as Mother Nature intended.

Watch the video above and join us on the full SIBU Journey.

khardungla top

Don't Fall Victim to Low Quality, Adulterated or Even FAKE Sea Buckthorn Products

You'll soon discover, SIBU is leaps and bounds beyond any other sea buckthorn and omega 7 company. Not only in purity, potency and efficacy, but in all of our business practices from harvest to finish.

SIBU is the only sea buckthorn company to be fully in charge of every single step from the hand harvesting of the berries, to the final double-lab verified finished product. No other company can do what SIBU does, even if they wanted:

  • One-of-a-Kind T7® Turkestanica Species - SIBU is the only company to use the unique turkestanica sub-species of sea buckthorn harvested from the Himalayan Mountains. This one and only variety has been lab verified to contain the world's most potent omega 7 levels found in any other sea buckthorn species, guaranteed. Omega 7 being the elusive nutrient that makes sea buckthorn so sought after. 

  • Wild-Crafted Berries- our berries are never farmed. All SIBU sea buckthorn berries are harvested from wild growing fields you can only find in nature. Free from any type of pesticide or man-made chemicals normally used in farming, SIBU sea buckthorn is 100% USDA certified organic and straight from Mother Nature herself. 

  • Traditional Ancient Hand Harvesting - SIBU only applies the traditional Tibetan method of hand harvesting, ensuring only the ripe and nutrient dense berries are picked for higher potency. SIBU's eco-conscious harvesting methods keeps these wild-growing sea buckhorn fields thriving & growing so they can continue to provide for the wild-life that forage on these berries.
  • Only Early Morning Harvesting - the longer in the day, the more the sun will deplete the nutrients within each berry. By only harvesting in the early morning house, we're able to attain higher levels of all nutrients, including omega 7, meaning more potent active ingredient which in turn produces more profound, faster benefits for you. 

  • 24 Hour Same Day Processing - look at this way... the moment you pick any type of fruit, you've disconnected it from its life force. It being to die, to lose nutrients. The longer it takes to process, the more nutrients that will be lost. SIBU processes all berries the same day of harvest in our custom processing facilities built specially in the Himalayan Mountains for this purpose alone.