5 Thanksgiving Sea Buckthorn Recipes for Healthy Body & Glowing Skin


Sea Buckthorn Thanksgiving Recipes for Health & Beauty 

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all you are grateful for in your life, including the delicious food!

We understand though, that heavy, rich foods can leave you feeling sluggish and put a damper on your mood, so why not try something a little different this year?

We want you to still enjoy all your favorite foods, but why not incorporate sea buckthorn into some of your recipes for a health and skin boost that everyone will love!

Yes, that’s right! Our exclusive skincare ingredient is just as excellent in your recipes as it is in your skincare!

Sea buckthorn is rich in healthy fats to fight inflammation from the inside out, leaving you feeling energized, healthy and with radiant skin, everyone will be begging for your secret!

Spread the love and share these yummy and nutritious recipes we've found so you can have a delicious and healthy Thanksgiving!

Sea Berry and Pomegranate Loaf with Sea Berry Glaze

It’s as delicious as it sounds!

Pomegranate is a Thanksgiving staple, and adds a nice vibrant touch to this festive loaf. It’s also dairy free, making this a vegan loaf, and the sweet sea berry icing adds creamy sweetness and a nutritious punch to this incredible loaf!

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Sea Buckthorn Chutney

sea buckthorn chutney

Thanksgiving is all about those snacks while you wait for the main meal!

This one is great as an accompaniment with cheese on crackers, and is packed in healthy ingredients, including garlic and clove for an immunity boost, peaches for a sweet twist and ginger to add some zing!

Also excellent as a side to that roasted turkey!

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Sea Buckthorn Cheesecake

sea buckthorn cheesecake


What’s Thanksgiving without a show stopping dessert?

Why not ditch the pumpkin pie this year, and instead make space for this truly mouth-watering cheesecake. Infused with signature seaberry, along with a delightful chocolatey crust, this is one dessert you’ll be making again and again!

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Asparagus and Sea Berry Salad

sea buckthorn asparagus salad

A big salad is a staple on Thanksgiving as just one of your delicious sides.

This bright salad has a bit of everything and will change how you may have felt about salads for good, we guarantee it!

Radishes add a pop of red, asparagus, onion and peas bring the green and mushrooms make us want to sink our teeth into this right now!

Topped with sea berries and herbs, how can you go wrong?

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Whipped Sea Buckthorn with Burnt Meringue

whipped sea buckthorn

Okay, fine, you convinced us to share one more dessert with you!

This one is for any culinary stars in your family, wanting to show off their skills, this one is elegant and beautiful, did we mention delicious!

Go on, see for yourself! Get the full recipe here...

We hope you give these recipes a try and have an incredible Thanksgiving!