3 Ways To Naturally Improve Chronic Fatigue Symptoms


Have you ever found yourself wanting or needing to take a midday snooze? If so, you are not alone.

If you are getting reasonable sleep and your body is functioning properly, you should feel alert and ready to take on the day, not groggy at your desk at work prepping for naptime similarly to a toddler (without the fight).

Without further ado, here are 3 ways to improve your chronic fatigue symptoms without relying on quick fixes like sugar or caffeine to power through the day.

1. Create (And Stick To) An Optimal Sleep Routine

So many people (including myself) fall prey to the silent sleep cycle killer, blue light. Blue light can consequently cause disease, according to Harvard Medical Center. This includes obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardivascular issues, depression, etc. And it destroys your circadian rhythm, a.k.a. your body’s natural clock.

Exposure to light when it’s dark throws off your body’s clock. The sneaky late night Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat scrolls aren’t just unhealthy for your mental health, they’re unhealthy for your physical health too.

The sun goes down for a reason. Harvard’s research cites table lamps as enough light to throw our circadian rhythms off. But a blue light-powered phone a few mere inches from your eyeballs? Or a glowing TV as you’re trying to get some shut eye? These devices are bound to dramatically affect your sleep, prepping you for nothing but a sleepy day ahead.

How do we change this everlasting vicious cycle, you may ask?

Start by weaning off technology a few hours before bed. This is easier said than done. Try slowly adjusting down in 30 minute increments day by day until you get more comfortable with it. Reading, journaling, playing Scrabble alone or with friends, etc. are much more zen activities and will prep your body for sleep mode (unless Scrabble riles you up).

2. Ensure Your Diet Is Balanced And Healthful

If you are a busy working professional, always hustling and bustling, you may find you lack the time, energy and effort to eat healthy. Try to avoid eating out and cook at home instead, utilizing a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and protein sources in your meals.

Meal prepping is a great way to cook for as little time as possible while having food for the week readily available. You can chop up sweet potatoes and throw them in the oven, and cook a container of ground turkey atop your stove. Add some spinach, fresh veg, and avocado, and you have yourself a wholesome salad.

Forget to incorporate enough omega-3s in your diet? Not everyone wants to eat heaps of salmon or flax seeds to get their daily dose. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), aka omega-3, is shown to improve sleep quality.

By taking a supplement like our Omega-7 Soft-Gels, containing both omega 3 and 7, you can reap a ton of benefits, including better sleep, healthier hair, skin and nails, improved cardiovascular health, healthy urinary and digestive tract, etc.

3. Have A Consistent Exercise Regimen

Ever ended up tossing and turning with no end in sight, unable to fall asleep? Turns out, you were probably under-exerting yourself throughout the day.

Sleep Foundation has found that engaging in aerobic exercise for prolonged periods decreases excessive sleepiness during the day and allows for easier sleep at night.

Mixing cardio exercise with resistance/weight training is the key for optimal sleep health, according to Sleep Foundation’s research.

Exercises like strength training also lower your risk of anxiety and depression-- the two mental health conditions notorious for the inability to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

If you’re not exercising and are only exercising a sedentary lifestyle, you may need to rethink your habits. You can start small by incorporating just 30 minutes of exercise per day, and it may be precisely the relief you’re looking for.

All in all, chronic fatigue is an umbrella diagnosis and more often than not is caused by too much, or not enough of, something or other. With proper sleep, diet and exercise regimens, you should be able to see vast improvements in a short amount of time!