What is "Maskne"? How to Care for Your Skin Under Your Mask...

Face Masks Causing Acne

What Is “Maskne” And How Do I Prevent It?

We know the importance of wearing a mask to protect not only ourselves, but to keep others safe who may be more at risk, but that doesn’t mean our skin agrees!

There has been a higher incidence of acne breakouts since everyone has had to wear masks, and it’s actually been named “maskne.”

So if you have been struggling with acne breakouts for the first time ever or if your acne seems worse than ever before, then you are definitely not imagining it!

In this article we want to share our top tips for keeping your skin protected under your mask.

Keep Your Skin Clean

While we do highly recommend cleansing your face twice a day regardless, it becomes that much more essential when you are wearing a face mask every day.

Wearing a mask on top of your various oils and makeup, means your pores have a higher incidence of becoming clogged and you need to ensure you are cleaning out this accumulated dirt and grime daily.

Our Polishing Facial Cleanser will help to clean out deep down dirt and grime while still maintaining your skin’s natural hydration levels.

Try to Avoid Sweating While Wearing a Mask

This can be tricky, especially if you have to wear a face mask for hours on end, but sweating under your mask, with nowhere for your sweat to go, means your pores are more at risk of becoming clogged.

If you have to wear your mask for hours on end then do be sure to take breaks and blot your skin if you can or give it a spritz of toner to refresh and infuse your skin with nutrients.

Give Your Skin Extra Protection from the Inside-Out

It doesn’t hurt to give your skin a boost from the inside out by increasing your intake of healthy omega fats.

Our Omega 7 Support will help to support healthy skin and tissue repair, reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy hydration levels for clear, glowing skin.

Wash Cloth Masks Daily

Because cloth masks are not disposable, they need to be washed often, daily in fact.

They are thicker than the surgical masks, making it a little harder for your skin to breathe so it’s really important that they are kept clean.

If you are wearing disposable masks be sure to change them frequently and consider wearing a surgical mask if you need to wear yours for longer than an hour or two at a time.

We hope this article has helped you to feel a little better and less alone if your skin has been driving you a little nuts; it’s not just you!

Be sure to follow our tips and we would love your feedback!