Using Vegan Collagen: Is it an Advantage For You?

vegan collagen benefits and advantage

Where is Your Collagen Coming From?...

If you walk down the health and beauty aisle in your local health foods store, you’ll see a multitude of collagen supplements designed to support healthy hair, skin, and joints.

The only problem is that most collagen supplements aren’t vegan. How could they be?

Collagen supplements are made with collagen from animal skin and joints, making them another by-product of the cruel and unsustainable commercial meat industry.

So today, we'll talk a bit about vegan collagen boosters!

I’ll explain what it is, how it’s different from animal collagen, and show you some of the advantages of incorporating a vegan collagen supplement into your daily diet.

So What Exactly is Vegan Collagen?...

Collagen is a simple protein that’s found in the skin and joints of almost all mammals. It serves as one of the primary “building blocks” of healthy skin cells, hair, and nails. Collagen is also one of the key components of cartilage, which lubricates your joints and allows them to move freely.

Unfortunately, supplements that contain real collagen are NOT vegan.

Collagen can’t be synthesized in a lab, which means that it can only come from animal remains.

Vegan Calm states that the best vegan collagen boosters don’t actually contain real collagen?! Instead, they contain vitamins, minerals, and plant-based proteins that are known to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production.

One interesting thing to note here is that taking pure collagen shows very few benefits. Some randomized studies have shown that taking real animal-derived collagen can improve skin elasticity and joint health.

However, most professionals agree that a healthy diet that encourages your body to produce more of its own collagen is a better long-term solution. Vegan collagen supplements do just this! They provide a healthy, concentrated blend of the key nutrients that your body needs to ramp-up collagen production within your skin and joints.

Vegan Collagen vs. Animal Collagen: Key Differences

If you’re new to collagen supplements, the sheer amount of products and information out there can be a bit confusing. To help simplify everything, here’s a quick visual showing you the key differences between non-vegan animal collagen and vegan-friendly collagen boosters:

Vegan Collagen Boosters

Animal-Derived Collagen (Non-Vegan)

Contain plant-basednutrients that help your body produce more of its own collagen.

Made with realcollagen obtained from animal remains.

Contain vitaminsand minerals which can support your overall health.

Typically onlycontain pure collagen, which has limited health benefits.

100% plant-basedand cruelty-free.

A by-product of thecommercial meat industry.

Healthy plant-basedingredients that are unlikely to be contaminated with meat-derived bacteria.

Since collagencomes from slaughtered animal remains, there’s a higher chance of bacterialcontamination.

How Do You Take Vegan Collagen?

There are a number of different ways to consume plant-based collagen. According to Vegan Calm, these are some of the best plant-based collagen supplements:

  • Vegan collagen gummies
  • Vegan collagen drink mix
  • Vegan collagen pills
  • Vegan collagen tinctures

Vegan Collagen Supplements: How They Support Your Health 

For those of you who are still on the fence, here are some of the advantages of taking a vegan collagen booster. 

  1. Collagen Can Strengthen Your Joints:
    While collagen is generally associated with healthy skin, hair, and nails, many people are unaware that your cartilage is made up almost entirely of collagen. As our bodies age, our collagen production decreases, which can cause our cartilage to weaken. This, in turn, can result in joint friction and pain, which can often lead to arthritis. A vegan collagen supplement can help your body produce more of its own collagen. This can keep your cartilage strong and protects your joints from bone-on-bone contact.

  2. Collagen Can Tighten & Firm Your Skin:
    High collagen levels are associated with tighter, firmer, more elastic skin. Vegan collagen boosters can help your body produce more collagen, which may slow the effects of aging and help you look younger!

  3. Collagen Can Strengthen Your Hair:
    Collagen helps to build keratin, which is the main building block of hair. The more collagen that’s present in your hair follicles, the stronger your hairs will be. Strong hair is healthy hair, and a vegan collagen supplement can help your hair look strong, thick, and healthy as you age.

How Often Should You Take Vegan Collagen?

There are no set rules, as vegan collagen boosters are supplemental products. However, to achieve the best results, I recommend using your vegan collagen once per day. 

Conclusion - Who Should Take Vegan Collagen? 

Vegan collagen boosters aren’t just for those who are experiencing the negative side effects of aging! The younger that you start taking care of your body, the slower you’ll age.

Vegan collagen boosters are also packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals, which can support your overall health as well as helping your body produce more collagen, like the elusive omega 7 fatty acid in SIBU Omega 7 Pure

In short, it’s never too soon to add a vegan collagen supplement to your diet!