The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn & Omega 7 for Women & Feminine Health

sea buckthorn omega 7 benefits for women - feminine health

The Miracle Berry for Feminine Health

Being healthy is something that all people want. It provides a solid platform on which life can be optimally experienced and enjoyed. Obtaining and, perhaps more importantly, sustaining health is an individual journey each person takes.

For women, this process can vary dramatically depending on their stage of life.

For example, the monthly cycle of a young teen, recently beginning menses, looks nothing like that of the same woman in her mid-twenties and is worlds apart from where she’ll be during menopause.

Understanding, better yet celebrating, the range of experiences being a woman entails is a sensible way to approach seeking female health. Still, it’s nice to discover tools that are beneficial at any stage in life. In this article, we’ll discuss one such tool, through an exploration of the benefits of sea buckthorn for feminine health.

What Does Sea Buckthorn Provide for Women?

Sea buckthorn is a deciduous shrub native to Europe, Northern Asia, and China. It has bright orange-yellow fruit and has been used as a food source and in traditional medicine for centuries.(1) This long-standing medicinal use makes sense given the incredibly varied content of this remarkable plant.

According to an article for Lipids in Health and Disease, sea buckthorn contains around 190 bioactive compounds such as:

  • Multiple fatty acids- including the rare omega-7
  • Sterols
  • 14 Vitamins- including C, A, and the B-complex
  • Powerful antioxidants- including flavonols and polyphenols
  • Fruit acids
  • 11 mineral salts- including iron, calcium, selenium, and zinc
  • 18 amino acids (2)

In other words, this tiny pea-sized berry is a complete powerhouse.

So, What Does Sea Buckthorn & Omega 7 Actually Do for Women?

Ok, so it’s a potent plant, but how does that translate into benefits for women’s health? There are many ways, but let’s look in-depth at a few:

  1. Protects the Structure of Hair
  2. Promotes Healthy Skin
  3. It’s Good for the Heart
  4. It Helps With Vaginal Atrophy (dryness)

1. Restore Damaged, Dry, Thinning Hair

Ok, so it’s a potent plant, but how does that translate into benefits for women’s health? There are many ways, but let’s look in-depth at a few:

Everyone wants healthy hair, but for women, this desire is even more pronounced. Even the Bible makes this point, “if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her…” (3) So, it’s not exactly a new area of concern.

Sea buckthorn is beneficial to hair in several ways. According to Medical News Today, it contains fats that help remove excess oil from the hair explaining why it is often found in shampoo. (4) In addition, the fats it contains, including omega-7, help to repair damaged hair, restore elasticity, and ensure smoothness.

2. Keeps Your Youthful Feminine Glow... Youthful

Skin is another thing that women rightfully care a lot about. It’s not a superficial concern either, considering its vital functions as a protective barrier, a detoxifying organ, and an early warning system of disease. This makes loving our skin about more than just looking good (though that’s valuable too).

Fortunately, there are multiple tools to support our largest organ, and sea buckthorn is high on the list. A recent study showed that oral and topical use of sea buckthorn improved skin hydration and elasticity, increased collagen synthesis, and reduced wrinkles. (5) These are the type of results most women would be thrilled to see.
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3. It Helps with Vaginal Atrophy & the Dryness & Discomfort that Comes With It

This may be one of the most unique & incredible benefits of sea buckthorn and omega 7.

Vaginal atrophy, or dryness, is a common issue amongst not only menopausal women, but also peri & post menopause, dryness caused by prescriptions, hysterectomy, birth control and more and can affect women at any age.

This can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, or even downright painful. However, nature may have provided a pathway to relief.
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According to a study for Maturitas, sea buckthorn oil, specifically omega 7, “showed beneficial effects on vaginal health, indicating it is a potential alternative for mucosal integrity for those women not able to use estrogen treatment for vaginal atrophy.”(6)

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Sea Buckthorn & Omega 7 for Improved Feminine Health

For women of all ages, sea buckthorn is a healthy, low-risk, way to improve skin, hair, and vaginal health. In addition, it may also help stave off heart disease and damage to other vital organs as it helps to take out the dirty laundry (toxins) from your cells. 

 When something is this good for you, it’s hard to figure out why you wouldn't make it a part of your life! Try the world's only whole sea buckthorn berry omega 7 supplement today.


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