Sea Buckthorn & Oral Health Benefits

sea buckthorn for oral health gum inflammation

Did you know? Sea Buckthorn Can Support Health Gums...

Our mouths are home to all sorts of bacteria and microbes. In an effort to keep our oral health at its best, sea buckthorn can be a beneficial way to go! 

So, how does sea buckthorn keep our mouth healthy?

There are two main reasons that researchbacks.First is the high concentration of the omega-7 fatty acid in sea buckthorn. If you want tounderstand the benefits of fatty acids from sea buckthorn in more depth, check out this NationalLibrary of Medicine article on “The impact of sea buckthorn oil fatty acids on human health.”

Acrucial takeaway (as this article emphasizes further), is that the omega-7 increases the levels ofand strengthens our saliva.

When our saliva is working to the best of its ability, it can lead tobetter digestion and stronger, cleaner teeth. Acids from the foods we eat can wear away at ourtooth enamel and irritate our gums, but saliva washes away acidic residue left in our mouths.

This is why it’s critical that we have a healthy amount of saliva!

Two, since sea buckthorn is anti-inflammatory and contains many vitamins and antioxidants, itcombats against inflammation of the gums.

So How Exactly Do We Use Sea Buckthorn for Gum Health?

We can simply take a sea buckthorn supplement, such as SIBU Omega 7 Pure or we can swish with organic sea buckthorn seed oil directly, a technique also known as “oil pulling.”

Oil pulling is when you swish oil in your mouth once a day for 15-20 minutes to reap an oil’s benefits orally.

As Healthline describes in this article, the reason the technique has been labeled “oil pulling” is for its ability to “pull” bacteria out of the mouth during the swishing.

Although more studies and research need to be conducted to scientifically prove the technique, oil pulling has been shown to moisturize the gums, increase saliva production, decrease gum inflammation, and help remove bacteria.

As we know, sea buckthorn is a powerhouse fruit with many benefits toward keeping the body healthy. We are still uncovering just how advantageous it is, but something to keep in mind is that it’s excellent for keeping up our oral hygiene.