Premium Argan Oil for Skin & Benefits

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What is Argan Oil & where does it come from?

It’s rare.

It’s a fruit.

It grows on trees.

Often times, the simplest ingredients are the most powerful.

The argan tree that produces these almond shaped fruits grow exclusively in regions of Morocco in Northern Africa. Deep within the fruit you’ll find the seed. Crack the seed open and you'll find the kernels with which this magical beauty oil is created.

argan nuts

Traditional beauty uses range from treating skin issues like eczema & acne to wrinkles and psoriasis alongside various health benefits. 

Because of the labor-intensive work & exclusive growing regions, high quality argan oil will often come with a hefty price tag.

And understandably so! The amazing properties & skin benefits of argan oil are well worth the cost.


While argan oil for skin benefits is rich in various skin enhancing nutrients:

  • Alpha-linoleic acid
  • Oleic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Tocopherols (vitamin E)
  • CoQ10
  • Melatonin
  • Plant sterols

There’s NO ONE SINGLE COMPOUND in argan oil that “makes the magic happen”. 

As a matter of fact, that stands true for any pure, natural beauty oil. (just like our premium botanical beauty oil blend - The Luxe Oil, on sale now)

While many organic beauty oils like rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, and sunflower oil can and do carry many of the same nutritional compounds, the way they interact & benefit your skin is as different as night and day.

Why is that? To put it in one word, it’s synergy.

Science today cannot breakdown and measure every single compound that makes up an ingredient, in this case, argan oil.

argan oil benefits

Science just isn't that advanced yet and there are far too many compounds & nutrients to measure, many of which they may not even know exist yet!

Think of it this way… 100% organic beauty oils are Mother Nature’s special recipes.

…And while each recipe uses many of the same ingredients (nutrients), the end result and benefits are unique to each one.

It’s the whole oil in its untouched, unaltered, purest form made with just the right ingredients and perfect ratios of each that truly “makes the magic happen”.

Mother (Nature) always knows best.


Have you tried argan oil for your skin before? Did you get the results you were looking for? If not, consider asking yourself these 3 questions:

1. How/where was the argan oil sourced?

2. How was the oil processed?

3. How much did you pay?

If your answers for 1 & 2 are, “I don’t know”, and “$10 - $20” for question 3, you might want to consider giving argan oil one more shot.

Not to say those lower cost oils are "bad", but they may not have had the potency your skin needed to actually see results. 

The skin benefits are too profound not to:

  • Increases skin elasticity reducing & preventing fine lines and wrinkles [1]
  • Helps prevent stretch marks [2]
  • Helps heal and repair damaged skin faster [3]
  • Can help hormonal acne and oily skin [4]
  • Reducing the appearance of dark brown spots by decreasing melanin production [5]

usda organic facial oil luxe oil

Argan Oil in a Nut Shell (pun intended)

Quality argan oil for skin isn't easy to come by, and it won’t come cheap, but if you find the right source, you’ll experience the benefits you didn’t think were possible, plus some!

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