Age Defying Eye Cream - No More Crows Feet, No More Under-eye Bags

sibu age defying eye cream for younger eyes


The eyes are the first thing other will notice about you… You’ve probably heard this before. 

So taking care of the delicate skin around your eyes should is probably a top priority, especially if your goal is skin tightening and firming since it’s one of the first areas to begin showing signs of aging.

Not to mention, dark circles, puffiness and bags can make anyone look like they just had their 101st birthday.

Having a quality eye cream in your skin care arsenal is a necessity. Wait, having a quality eye cream with effective, natural ingredients is a necessity.

Here are just 3 of the powerful anti-aging, skin rejuvenating ingredients you can benefit from when you apply your SIBU Age Defying Eye Cream

wasabi, reserved for the ruling class

Yes, the spicy green paste from Japan. Don’t let its simple presentation fool you.

Wasabi has a long and aristocratic history. In ancient times, wasabi was so highly revered it was restricted to lower class society and only used by the ruling class.

When you look at the nutritional profile, you can understand why some wanted it keep it all for themselves.

Wasabi is a powerhouse of vitamins including, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and C. Imagine all of that on your skin!

Wasabi also stimulates circulation and promotes oxygenation of the cellular tissue when applied topically. This is fantastic for fine lines and wrinkles because poor blood flow and low oxygen means your skin will begin to deteriorate and show signs of premature aging.

Pumpkin seed, the overlooked superfood

Pumpkin seed is an often overlook super food that packs serious punch.

While it’s rich in omega 3 (reduces inflammation), vitamin E (promotes tissue regeneration), and vitamin A (promotes production of new skin cells), some of the best skin firming and anti-aging benefits come from zinc and selenium.

Zinc and selenium in pumpkin seeds may help up your collagen levels and give your skin extra protection against environmental pollution and harsh UV rays.

Sterols found in pumpkin seeds assist with cell regeneration and have anti-inflammatory properties, which can alleviate redness and other inflammatory issues in the skin. They are particularly beneficial for dry skin conditions as sterols help retain more natural moisture.

Pumpkin seeds are definitely an unsung hero in skin care.

Aloe vera, a true classic never goes out of style

A skin care classic that never goes out of style, and for good reason.

It’s hydrating, it’s healing, it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s protective, and so much more…

An article on says:

“Aloe stimulates fibroblast activity, says Dr. Mark, which creates an uptick in collagen production and elastin fibers that make the skin less wrinkled and more elastic. Meanwhile, zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores, and antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, help prevent the formation of free radicals (aka, molecules that can do a number on your cells).” *

the SIBU AGe-Defying Eye Cream

These are just 3 of the incredibly potent Age-Defying Eye Cream. And the best part? Our eye cream delivers on its promise!

Hyaluronic acid and a natural cruciferous blend of ingredients matched with our premium Himalayan sea buckthorn oils, it creates younger, vibrant eyes quickly and naturally.

Plus, cruciferous ingredients from leafy green vegetables and have been shown to help diminish puffiness and dark circles that reveal the real you!

And you may know, hyaluronic acid is a game changer for anti-aging. Sea buckthorn oils enhance the deeply hydrating and age-defying effects with an abundance of potent phytonutrients that help turn back the clock on those ever important windows to the soul...your eyes.

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