How to Improve Eye Health & Alleviate Dry Eye

suffering from dry eyes?

Are you suffering from "computer vision syndrome"?

Tech-related eye issues have been a concern from the dawn of the digital age, and as our technology has evolved, so has the capacity for eye damage. 

Now with so many of us working from home, we are putting ourselves even more at risk.  Many are reporting eye-related maladies, to the point where the American Optometric Association has dubbed the damage“Computer Vision Syndrome.”  Also known as “Digital Eye Strain,” CVS includes a variety of symptoms that arise from spending long hours at a computer, cellphone, or tablet device. 

The AOA defines these symptoms to include:eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. 


The onset of CVS presents a conundrum for computer users: if our jobs and lifestyles increasingly require us to be working at the computer and even cellphone, are we all doomed to suffer fromDigital Eye Strain?  Luckily, vision and wellness experts have been weighing in with some lifestyle hacks to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of CVS. 

Her eare some of the most accessible and easily integratable habits to add into your daily practices.

Working long hours? take regular breaks

Regular office shifts certainly take a toll on our vision wellness. But there’s a reason that incidences of CVS have really taken off since work-from-home became more prevalent!

Long days in front of the computer at the office at least come with the occasional coffee or socializing break, maybe even a stroll outside for fresh air. At home, it becomes a little harder to make these separations: no more imminent need to “get away from the office” for a moment or two outside and way more inclination to eat your lunch and sip your coffee right at the desk of your home office.

Why? Because you can!

There is even a greater chance of working longer hours because you’re already in the comfort of your home. All of this means more time staring at a screen. A great solution is to force yourself to take short breaks throughout your work day away from your desk. Even if you are back to working in an office, be sure to take the time to move around a little and get your eyes off of your screen.

Are You blinking enough?

Spending increasing hours in a day staring at the screen will damage the eye in two main ways. The first being that your eye doesn’t blink at the same rate it does when not looking at a screen. In fact, the blink rate while looking at a screen only about half the rate of normal blinking- and those blinks frequently are not “full blinks!” Blinking is the eyes’ natural self-maintenance and keeps them moisturized; without blinking enough, your eyes can become dry and irritated.

The second major issue that arises from excessive screen time is the overuse of just one small portion of your field of vision. This overuse causes the eye to lengthen, leading to nearsightedness and reduced peripheral vision.

Experts recommend employing the “20-20-20” rule: every 20 minutes at the computer, take 20 seconds to cast your gaze 20 feet in front of you. This opens up your field of vision, reducing the pressure on that singular portion of your vision, allows you some good blinking time.

the rare omega that alleviates dry eyes, from the inside?

Our bodies have an amazing capacity for self-healing- especially with a little outside help!

Adding specific nutrients into your day can really give your eyes the extra boost they need to stay healthy. A variety of carotenoids have been proven to significantly reduce the damaging effects of blue light. Lutein is a common carotenoid that has been in the mix for eye protection. Recent clinical studies also show that the carotenoid combo of capsanthin, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin has amazing success blocking blue light, reducing eye strain, and even preventing dry eye.

Another “must have” for your eye health arsenal is your omega 7 fatty acids. Omega 7’s are an optometrists dream for supporting eye health. These fatty acids are shown to help reduce inflammation and relieves  Dry Eye Disease- no matter how chronic or how long you've been suffering with dry eyes. 

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Implement No-Screen Time

Our lives outside of work are filled with screen time: constant cellphone use, TV time, reading on a tablet, any extracurricular pursuits spent scouring the internet… it all adds up!

The line blurs between work and free time and suddenly we find ourselves spending the majority of our time in front of a screen.

Make the commitment to take a little time each day away from any sort of screen. Put your phone on silent, leave it in a different room, turn off the TV, power down your computer. Replace those habits with a long walk outside, a little yoga or meditation, reading a book, or trying a new craft. Even half an hour with absolutely no tech will not only give your eyes a break, but give your mind a break too.