How to Grow (and Take Care of) Long, Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, beautiful hair? The problem we face is that no one’s hair is exactly the same. Even when some people find a great shampoo that seems to work for years, our bodies can mysteriously render familiar formulas suddenly ineffective. Luckily for all of us, however, there are some tried and true tips for how to grow long, healthy hair.


You may have seen those shocking videos of girls using hair wands and accidentally frying off a piece of their own hair. Heat damage is a real thing, and while it usually isn’t quite so dramatic, curling irons, straighteners, and even blow dryers can be a constant culprit in weakening and damaging your hair. Difficult as it may be to avoid using such styling tools, reducing the number of times you use them during the week can go a long way in giving your hair time to recover.


Natural oils can go a long way in conditioning, nurturing, and healing your hair. Rosemary in particular is great for promoting more blood circulation in your scalp, which in turn helps nourish your hair. Once you have an oil of your choice (jojo oil and coconut oil, among others, are great for this use), you can massage it into your scalp and hair and leave it in for a few hours (or even overnight). Once you rinse it out, you’ll find that your hair already feels softer and richer.


Every shampoo bottle you pick up will claim to be the most nourishing, hair-beautifying, and cleansing formula created just for you. While the sentiment certainly sells, what matters most are the ingredients within each bottle. Knowing how to take care of your hair means avoiding ingredients like sulfates, artificial fragrances, and salts, which will help you select products that don’t strip your hair or irritate your scalp.


One of the most popular and cheap methods of keeping your hair clean and fresh is using diluted apple cider vinegar. About two tablespoons mixed in a cup of water is a decent proportion. Once you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, you can pour the rinse over your hair and leave it in to keep your hair soft and shiny.


Perhaps one of the most simple and obvious of tips, keeping your hair free of split ends helps you avoid both snarls and increasingly damaged hair. While you might sacrifice a tiny bit of length, trimming your hair every three to four months will help keep your hair smooth and healthy.


There’s no one solution to perfect hair, but there are many different methods to try until you find something for you. SIBU can also help hair growth by providing oils and nutrients like our Omega-7 Soft Support Gels to keep you nourished. You can learn more about our sea buckthorn products by reading about the oils we provide. There’s one thing you can be sure of: this is not your mother’s hair care! For even more beauty tips, you can also visit our blog