How Omega 7 Can Help with Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome can be a very frustrating condition because a) many people do not believe it is a real thing, and b) to treat it with diet only can be highly restrictive and, let’s face it, not very fun.

Thankfully, Omega 7 can help metabolic syndrome tremendously.

Here’s a breakdown of metabolic syndrome and the science behind Omega 7’s role in its effects.

Metabolic Syndrome and Omega 7

The Medicine of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is not a diagnosable disease, but rather a collection of symptoms that, when experienced at the same time, can lead to other more serious diseases and conditions.

The doctor may diagnose metabolic syndrome when more than 1 of the following are experienced by a patient:

  • High blood pressure
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood sugars/triglycerides
  • Apple-shaped obesity
  • Chronic inflammation

While being overweight or obese contributes to the onset of metabolic syndrome, it is ridiculous and dangerous to consider it a “fat person’s disease.” Metabolic syndrome is often a “chicken or egg” situation that then has a snowball effect.

Underlying physical and mental health issues cause the weight gain, the weight gain causes more health issues, these new health issues further deteriorate the patient’s health, until eventually the patient is dealing with very serious health concerns like cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

How Is Metabolic Syndrome Treated?

Like most conditions, the safest treatment is an adjusted way of eating and increased physical activity that will, hopefully, lead to weight loss, but sometimes this is very difficult, if not impossible, for some patients.

There is no one metabolic syndrome diet. No single diet works for every single person.

Some doctors may suggest a 1,000-calorie/day diet, but eat whatever you would like. Others may suggest the keto diet to help get those blood sugar levels in check. The important thing is to eat a healthy diet that is as organic as possible.

When diet and exercise cannot do it, medications can be prescribed. There are numerous types that may be used, including:

  • Antidiabetics
  • Biguanides
  • Thiazolidinediones
  • Lipid-Lowering Agents
  • Statins
  • ACE Inhibitors
  • Antiplatelet Agents

However, these medications can produce other side effects that must then be dealt with in some way, which may mean more drugs, so like the snowball effect of metabolic syndrome, it becomes an endless cycle of medications.

Omega 7 & Metabolic Syndrome

Interestingly, communication is the key, even when it comes to metabolic syndrome. In 2008 Harvard University scientists found that palmitoleic acid, a major part that makes up Omega 7, plays quite a large role in the regulation of metabolism, and thus, other blood health parameters.

As opposed to the other omega fatty acids, Omega 7 has a different function.

It contains lipokine, a hormone-like fatty acid, that helps to facilitate communication between body fat and the body’s muscles. Omega 7 is like the UN of your body, working to improve relations and assure optimal energy usage and storage. More efficient calorie use, less energy storage as fat.

The Benefits of Omega 7

In addition to the improved energy burning efficiency of the body, Omega 7 protects and enhances body function in other ways that can also aid in metabolic syndrome treatment.

Omega 7 enhances glucose disposal, which helps regulate blood sugars, assisting in weight loss.

Omega 7 is a protector of your pancreatic cells which regulates your insulin, reducing insulin resistance, and improving your lipid profile

Omega 7 acts as an anti-inflammatory. This in turn can lead to less joint pain and more flexibility, increasing the ability to engage in physical exercise.

Sources of Omega 7

The food sources you will hear about most often are macadamia nuts, avocado, fish & fish oil, and sea buckthorn berry. While these sources can provide some Omega 7, the best source is a supplement of pure sea buckthorn.

Consuming the parts of the sea buckthorn itself has many incredible health benefits, but when it is correctly harvested, processed, and packaged is when you will get the optimal impact on metabolic syndrome.

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