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How a NY Model, Actress & Beauty Blogger Keeps Her Skin Glowing Pt. 2

How a New York Model, Actress & Beauty Blogger Keeps Her Skin Glowing

Emma J Purvey, the summer face of Sibu, has been using our products consistently and noticed a considerable difference in her skin tone. As a model and actress Emma's skin is expected to be flawless at all times, it's simply part of her job.

Emma needs products that can fit effortlessly into her lifestyle; for long days on set; flying for projects and arriving with that glowing skin and on the go in NYC from rehearsals to fittings to auditions. Emma approaches beauty from the inside out and even has her mum loving and using SIBU's Sea Berry Seed Oil.

Emma shares what products she's using and how on Instagram. You can check them out below. Also be sure to follow Emma's Instagram at @emmukny