How a NY Model, Actress & Beauty Blogger Keeps Her Skin Glowing

Emma J Purvey, the summer face of SIBU, has an exceedingly demanding career from photo shoots to filming to auditions and she still finds time to give back and then of course see family and friends. As any New Yorker knows life is non stop in the Big Apple.....

Having a simple, yet effective beauty routine is key, especially as a model. We're honored that she chooses SIBU as one of her staples to "keep her skin glowing" and photo shoot ready at all times! Check out her tips below and don't forget to follow her in Instagram @emmaukny

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How Emma J, a NY Model, Actress & Beauty Blogger Keeps Her Skin Glowing: “I need skincare that gets results as I need my skin to be camera ready all the time. My approach is the whole body as everything is interconnected. .First the focus has to be what you eat and then the skincare compliments that and that’s why I love SIBU Beauty as they approach the whole body” - @emmaukny Photo Credit @lenkastudio Emma J @emmaukny Agency @mmgmodels #beautyfood #seabuckthorn #omega7 #foorforyourskin #insideoutbeauty #beautyfromtheinside #youarehwhatyoueat #feeedyourskin #seaberry #himalayanseabuckthorn #nourishyourskin #skindiet #modelskin #nymodel #photoreadyskin #photoshoot #sibumodel #skincaretips #naturalskincare #effectiveskincare #skincarethatworks

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