The Role Happiness Plays in Health & Beauty

Happiness in health and beauty

How to Get Your Own Happy Glow

Picture the happiest person you know. What do you see?

A warm smile? A sparkle in their eyes?

Chances are, the overwhelming quality you see in them is that radiating glow so unique to those who emanate true happiness.

That glow is no trick of the eye! Happiness genuinely plays an important role in our overall health and physical appearance. Keep reading to find out why and to learn a couple tips on how to get your own happy glow.

The Positive Effects if Simply Being Happier

In recent years, more emphasis has been put on the mind-body connection and how it relates to our health. Long recognized in eastern cultures, western culture has put this mind-body connection to the test with studies which show that our emotions truly leave an impact on our bodies.

Happiness has a number of positive effects on the body, which in turn create cascades of additional positive effects. Positive emotions and emotional wellbeing are directly linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

It can cause improved sleep, which means improved brain function and physical activity as well as reduced inflammation. Happiness is linked to making better choices such as eating a healthier diet and getting regular exercise- both, in turn, have been proven to then lead back to an even more elevated sense of wellbeing!

The Negative Effects of NOT Being Happier

Just as the mind-body connection works to our benefit in our more positive emotions, it can also work to our detriment with a snowball effect of physical ailments when we are under pressure or stressed out. Studies show that stress negatively affects our cognitive function which can then lead to further frustration and more stress. It also disrupts our immune and endocrine systems, our cardiovascular health, and our gut health. Stress is a major factor in sleep disorders as well.

Poor sleep, poor health, and poor mental function create an unhealthy environment for our bodies where we are not getting properly rejuvenated and not able to make great choices for health improvement. Physical exercise becomes more of a strain- even our skin is affected! We are more susceptible to inflammatory skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne.

Action You Can Take to Get Your Inner Glow

While it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle ofstress and negativity, there are actions you can take to work towards a morepositive and happy outlook.

  • Set easily attainable goals for the day to set you up for success and give you a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Start small, like washing your face every morning, drinking more water, or adding in a little extra nutrition to your diet.  

  • Incorporate more physical activity into your day. Exercise is great for improving your mood, increasing energy, and improving sleep! Even just a little bit every day can make a big difference.  

  • Try some mind-body strengthening techniques. Yoga, tai-chi, or meditation can be helpful in mental mastery, making it easier to deal with stress and negative emotions that come up through the day.  

  • Don’t be afraid to seek help! Routine therapy is an amazing way to learn stress and depression management techniques from a professional.