Facial Oils - A Beauty Trend That's Here to Stay

Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil

Beauty Trends: Facial Beauty Oils

Do you tend to keep your eye out for the latest beauty trends?

If so, you’re likely very aware of the facial oils craze that has inundated the skincare and beauty world.

Though it may have taken some time to “sink in” that putting oil on your skin is actually a good thing, you’ve probably dipped your toe in the water and tried one or more of the oils out there.

Whether you are a DIY’er that concocts your own beauty elixirs in your kitchen or you browse the world wide web for the latest and greatest blend, it’s important to know what you’re getting and how these various oils benefit your skin.

News Flash – Facial oils are here to stay!

But when you think sea buckthorn, think SIBU. SIBU is all sea buckthorn, all the time.

So “what” is so great about sea buckthorn and “why” should you consider adding it to your daily regimen?

First of all, not all Sea Berries are created equal.

Growing throughout most parts of Asia and Europe, there are several different species of the berry.

Turkestanica ssp. is known to be the most nutrient dense of all species of the berry and is used exclusively in all SIBU products.

Turkestanica Sea Berries grow in the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains at 12,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level. The high altitude and low oxygen levels - not to mention the extreme climate - produce a berry that has fortified itself in order to survive and thrive for over 13 centuries.

Two different oils are extracted from these "beauty berries", each one providing unique benefits. Here are the key things to remember when choosing Sea Buckthorn oil.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil - Best For Internal Use

  • Also known as pulp oil, is extracted from the pulp or flesh of the berry and is rich in Omega-7 fatty acids.

  • It is a deep red/orange color due to the plethora of carotenoids & flavonoids. This oil is most beneficial if taken internally where the abundance of Omega-7 (palmitoleic acid) supports healthy skin, hair and nails from the inside-out. 

  • Omega-7 helps the skin, our body’s largest organ, to function the way it’s supposed to. This can be applied topically, however, is recommended to use internally. 

    Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil - Best For Topical Use

    • Sea buckthorn seed oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of the Sea Berry (sea buckthorn). It’s a beautiful golden color and is ideal for topical application.

    • Sea buckthorn seed oil is rich in omega 3 combined with copious amounts of anti-oxidants (Vitamins E and A) to nourish, restore and regenerate the skin. This oil has been used to heal the skin & prevent the signs of age for over a century!

    • SIBU uses only Super Critical CO2 Extraction to extract the oils from the pulp and the seed of the berry. This is important in insuring that the highest concentration of nutrients is retained in the oils.

    • SIBU oils are 100% Certified USDA Organic. All berries all hand-harvest and wild-grown.

      SIBU Sea Buckthorn Omega 7 Supplements

      We recommend ingesting the oil via our Omega-7 Support Soft Gels (which is a blend of Fruit and Seed Oil) or the Omega-7 Blend, or our most potent sea buckthorn supplement, Omega-7 Pure.

      Is one supplement better than the other?

      Put simply, SIBU Omega 7 Pure is the most potent, most complete sea buckthorn supplement available anywhere.

      This products contains the whole sea buckthorn berry, not just the oils, proving over 720 mg. of omega 7 per serving, plus all the vitamins and minerals the berry has to offer.

      Think whole food, whole body nutrition.

      Topically, the Sea Berry Seed Oil is a fantastic facial oil for every skin type.

      Whether you need extra hydration for your dry skin or anti-microbial benefits for oily, acne prone skin, the Seed Oil can benefit everyone. Apply as an “all over” beauty oil or as a spot treatment on specific areas.