Embracing Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair is beautiful, and we’ve been seeing a long-overdue movement of people embracing their grays and being proud of them. But gray hair also offers a unique set of challenges when it comes to caring for it and helping each strand look its absolute best. The best approach is one that cares for your gray hair gently from the outside while nourishing it from the inside.

How gray hair is different

If you have even one gray hair on your head, you’ve probably noticed that it’s different from the others and not just in color. Even if you choose to color your grays, they still manage to stand out, often in the most peculiar ways. So, what gives?

When a strand of hair loses its pigment, or melanin, other changes happen as well. The hair actually becomes a bit thinner and more brittle, and the texture changes along with that. The hair follicle that gray or white hair grows from produces less sebum than when the hair had more pigment.

This means that there are fewer protective oils and natural moisture, which also contributes to the dry, more wiry texture of gray hair.

This doesn’t mean that gray hair can’t be soft and shiny. But getting to that stage with beautiful, natural gray hair may require a bit more effort than it did before.

Styling & Caring for Naturally Gray Hair 

If you’re feeling frustrated by your unruly and dry gray hair, you have more solutions than just throwing it back with a hair tie or covering it with a hat. Let the gloriousness of those silver locks shine through by learning how to care for your gray and bring out the natural beauty of it. 

Find a Cut That Suits Your Hair: With gray hair, it isn’t just about finding a cut that suits your face or your personal style. You also need to consider the new texture and wave pattern of your hair. Gray hair often responds well to soft layers, and don’t forget to get regular trims.

Watch Out for Brassiness:White and gray hair can take on brassy tones, especially if you’re out in the sun a lot or use products that might stain your hair. One way to combat that is by using a gentle toner to neutralize brassy tones. Green tea, lemon, and apple cider vinegar can work as gentle, natural hair toners. Also, be mindful of covering your hair when spending time out in the sun.

Be Mindful That It’s Easier to Damage Gray Hair: Avoid bleaching your hair or using harsh chemicals on it. Also, it’s time to reevaluate products like shampoos and conditioners. Finally, never heat style your hair without first applying a heat protectant.

Wash Your Hair Less: Since naturally gray hair has less oil, it’s important to not wash too frequently and strip away what precious natural oils are left. Most gray-haired beauties find that washing every three days works well to keep their hair healthy.

Apply Natural Oils to Your Hair:Coconut oil is wonderful for nourishing gray hair. Gently massage a little onto your scalp and into the ends of your hair if they are dry. Leave the oil on overnight and wash or rinse out in the morning. If your hair is really dry and you use just a little oil, you might not need to rinse it out at all.

Sleep On Satin: Invest in a satin pillowcase, which is good for both your skin and your hair. Satin minimizes friction and prevents hair from breaking while you sleep.

Sea Buckthorn & Nourishing Gray Hair From the Inside Out

Proper nourishment is just as important for the health of your hair as it is for your body. Make sure you’re getting a full range of vitamins and nutrients in your diet, and supplement as necessary to fill in the gaps. A diet for beautiful hair should be rich in antioxidants, b vitamins, vitamin D, and protein.

Sea buckthorn is also wonderful for hair health as it begins to turn gray. Sea buckthorn is a strong antioxidant. It’s rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, proteins, and minerals that help to keep hair strong and shiny and prevent breakage.

Sea buckthorn is also high in vitamin C, which is a vital player in collagen synthesis. Anything that can be done to support collagen synthesis is going to be beneficial to the health and appearance of your hair.

You nourish your hair both from the inside and out with sea buckthorn. Take a daily sea buckthorn supplement or enjoy it as a juice. Then, when your hair needs a special treatment, apply sea buckthorn oil to your hair from scalp to ends and let it do its magic.

Embrace the Beauty of Gray Hair

If you love your gray hair but hate the frizzies and how dry it is, there are ways that you can nourish it naturally and allow that silver beauty to shine. Sea buckthorn can be an important part of your healthy hair routine and will help keep your gray strands silky, shiny, and as beautiful as ever.