4 Acts of Self Care To Help Get You Through Tough Times

Self Care Blog Post

There's No Doubt that This Year Was Intense

We have all been affected in some way or another, and you may have found that your stress and anxiety levels have been through the roof.  

This is completely normal, you’re only human after all, but if you aren’t finding ways to manage your stress, you may soon become overwhelmed and experience burnout, which will leave you feeling absolutely exhausted with no motivation for anything.

Whether you feel like you are headed towards burnout, or perhaps you have already reached that point, then we hope the self-care rituals in this post will help you to get back on track so you can start feeling more like yourself again.

These are all great practices to continue everyday regardless, it’s always better to be taking care of yourself and managing stress before it becomes overwhelming. 

Let’s dive in!

Observe Without Judgement

Before we share some daily rituals you can start incorporating into your life, we think it’s important to talk about what to do when heavy feelings or emotions rise up. 

It’s easy to immediately want to move away from them, but in order to truly get your anxiety and stress under control, it’s important that you feel all your feelings, let them wash over you before finding ways to start managing them.  

Let them rise up, observe without judgement and without attachment, and then release them. We have to move through to get to the other side, not bypass emotions, which are often trying to alert us to things we may need to change in our lives. 

Perhaps yours are trying to let you know that you need to make yourself and your self-love ritual more of a priority!

Enjoy a Morning Ritual

A structured morning routine can really set the tone for the day ahead. 

Consider waking up and putting your phone aside until after you have shown yourself some love. Think of a few things you are grateful for, journal, sip on some warm lemon water, take some deep breaths, do some gentle stretching, meditate, read, anything that allows you to head into your day with ease.  

Once your mind feels focused and clear, you can then tackle those tasks for the day with confidence. 

Add Some Healthy Fats Into Your Life

Everything you put into your body has a direct impact on your mental health, so you want to be sure you are feeding your body with all the nutrients you can.  

Our Omega 7 Support Soft Gels are an excellent way to infuse your cells with healthy fats to reduce inflammation, and impair your gut, which is essential for a healthy, happy mind. 

Move Your Body

Exercise is an excellent way to release pent up adrenaline and to help lower stress hormones that may leave you feeling frazzled, and which may contribute to an array of physical symptoms from fatigue to an upset stomach to chronic muscle pain. 

Of course, an intense cardio sesh may not be realistic if you’re already experiencing a pounding, racing heart, and this is where yoga can really help.  

Yoga is a moving form of meditation that allows you to get your blood flowing while still focusing on your mind and your breathing.  

Try this beautiful flow to ease anxiety and stress.  

Last, but not least, don’t forget to breathe. The simple of act of conscious, deep, controlled breathing can work wonders in your life!

You are stronger than you feel, and you are not alone in feeling unsteady after a very confusing year. But by adding these rituals into your life you can start to take back your power.