A Natural Face & Body Soap Bar that Hydrates, Heals, and Protects Your Skin

Sibu Cleansing Face and Body Bar

A Face & Body Bar that Isn't Drying?

If the thought of washing your face with a soap bar scares you then you have simply not found the right one.

You are completely right in thinking that soap bars can be incredibly drying and irritating for the skin, but that’s if you’re using a conventional bar formulated with harsh, drying synthetic ingredients.

We would love to introduce you to our Cleansing Face and Body Bar because we just know the two of you will hit it off!

The Importance of Daily Cleansing

Cleansing twice daily is essential to remove all traces of dirt, grime and excess oils on the skin, however, if you are using the wrong product to cleanse, you may risk stripping your skin of all oils, even your natural oils, which then puts your skin barrier at risk.

Once your skin barrier is impaired, you may endure all sorts of skincare woes from frequent breakouts to dry, flakey patches of skin and an overall dull appearance.

Our Sea Berry Cleansing Face and Body Bar will help you to wash away toxins and pollutants without ever stripping your skin of natural oils.

The rich lather created by this beautiful bar is brimming in nutrients and fatty acids to provide a deep-down cleanse and skin detox, all while infusing the skin with hydration and helping to aid in skin repair.

This soothing bar will calm sensitive and inflamed skin, reduce acne breakouts, and leave the skin feeling soft and supple with the ideal moisture balance; your skin will never feel tight and dry!

Ingredients that Your Skin Will LOVE & You Can Feel Good About

You’ll never find synthetic ingredients in our bar, and this includes nasty artificial fragrances.

This bar is formulated with our signature, premium sea buckthorn oils, rich in fatty acids to fight inflammation, provide deep down hydration, and promote a luminous, radiant glow!

Colloidal oatmeal helps to soak up excess sebum that may result in breakouts. It helps to soothe and reduce inflammation thanks to its rich concentration of zinc, a powerful acne-fighting mineral.

Lemon and tangerine oils have antiseptic properties to help kill bacteria that may contribute to blemishes while providing a wonderfully uplifting aroma to boost your mood and give you a burst of energy for your day ahead!

Unlike “regular” bars ours won’t ever dry out your skin and will help to ensure your skin is clean and your pores open, ready to receive your lotions and serums!

Here’s just a few reviews from our happy customers with happy skin!

“This bar is amazing! I’ve been using it this ever since I started Sprouts.It cleared my back arms and my face as well”
~ April L.

"My only soap for the rest of my life! Cleans & helps heal dry skin. Thank you!" 
~ Richard E.

“I love this soap, gentle and nourishing. It doesn't dry out my skin which is amazing in our dry winters in Minnesota” 
~ Kathy A.

"I love Sibu products and use them almost exclusively. This soap lathers and cleanses well and is just perfect for softening, but not irritating my sensitive skin!" 
~ Erika M. 

"I am an esthetician and use the Cleansing Face and Bar Soap to remove blackheads. Our weather has been very cloudy these past few years and everyone seems to have rosacea so I had to stop steaming during my facials. I cut off a small amount and add just enough water to make a paste. Then smooth it on all the blackhead areas three and four times. Using a small tool I go over the area pushing just enough to get it into the pores. The pores relax and all the blackheads come out. The skin becomes beautiful with no marks or redness of any kind. Love this bar."
~ Janice F.