A Must-Know Night Skincare Routine For Those Who Want Results

A must-know night skincare routine for those who want results

Did you know that nighttime is when your skin does most of its repairing? This means that your skincare routine before you go to bed is even more critical. To keep your skin looking younger, fresher, and more rejuvenated, here’s the recommended skincare routine you should do every night before you go to sleep

1. Prep Your Face

Start with makeup remover to get most of the grime off. Sometimes, you may need to steam your face to loosen particularly stubborn blackheads. Hold your face over a steaming bowl of hot water with a towel forming a tent over your head and the bowl. This will soften your skin and loosen up your pores.

2. Clean Your Skin

This blogger recommends sea buckthorn facial cleanser because it does a great job of cleansing your skin without being too harsh. If your skin tends to be oily or if you are having a bad breakout, you might need something heavier, like a glycolic acid peel or an exfoliating cream. Just make sure not to use these products too often, or they’ll dry out your skin.

3. Give Yourself a Quick Face Massage

This beauty company swears by this trick--it stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow, which diminishes wrinkles and dark circles and makes your skin look fresher.

4. Use a Toner

Toners are “the unsung hero” of skincare. It removes any excess oil and any soap you left on your face. This is essential if you wore a particularly heavy amount of makeup that day or if you used an oily sunscreen. By using toner, you rebalance the pH of your skin, shrink pores, and refresh your skin.

5. Moisturize

This is a critical step for your night skincare routine! So many people skip this step out of fear that the moisturizer will cause oily skin and acne. It might take some trial and error, but you can find a moisturizer that is light enough for your skin but also still moisturizes well. This SIBU hydrating facial serum uses sea buckthorn extract to make your face soft without making it oily.

6. Use a Clay Mask

Apply the clay mask as part of your nightly skincare routine and leave it on for at least an hour for it to be effective. Like an exfoliator, this isn’t something you’d want to do every single night, but it’s perfect if you have a few pimples or rough spots and you need results overnight.

7. Take Vitamins

Vitamins will give you that healthy glow that your skin just can’t get any other way. These sea buckthorn omega-7 vitamin drinks do a great job of reducing acne inflammation and supporting your immune system. Of course, remember to double-check with your doctor before taking vitamins!

8. Sleep!

Skin does most of its repairing at night. This is by far the best way to smooth wrinkles and even out dark circles. Your skin will always benefit from a good night’s sleep, and the rest of your body will, too.   These steps are all part of a holistic nightly skincare routine. Taking care of your skin is a visible way to improve your overall health. For more vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO skincare options, check out SIBU sea buckthorn products for a complete skin therapy regimen.