7 Benefits of Omega 7

The benefits of omega 7… When you think of healthy Omega fats, it’s likely Omega 3 and Omega 6 come to mind, but have you ever heard of Omega 7? The reason you’ve probably never heard of this elusive fatty acid is that it’s so incredibly rare in the plant and animal kingdoms.

So what exactly are Omega 7 Fats?

Omega 7 fatty acids, also known as palmitoleic acid, are a class of unsaturated fatty acids that are fast gaining a reputation in the health and beauty industry thanks to their fantastic health and beauty properties. Even Dr. Oz has touted its amazing properties on an episode of his show.

By now you’re probably wondering where exactly you could get Omega 7, and that would be in sea buckthorn oils, which gave the highest concentration of Omega 7 of any known natural source.

Keep reading for 7 of the top omega 7 benefits! (SIBU Omega 7 Support Soft Gels are 20% Off – Click here!)

1. External Hydration

Omega 7 is absolutely fantastic for soothing dry skin conditions. Externally, it will provide the moisture needed to heal chapped, broken skin and provide a healthy barrier to lock this moisture in.

2. Internal Hydration

Internally, Omega 7 will provide moisture to the body’s lubrication channels, namely the hair, skin, and nails. It also lubricates the mucous membranes and therefore has been shown to help people suffering from dry eyes, as well as provide relief for women suffering from postmenopausal vaginal dryness.

3. Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract

Issues in the GI tract include problems with digestion, acidity, and ulcers, all of which contribute to many nasty symptoms such as pain and burning in the stomach, and even fatigue.

Because omega 7 helps to lubricate the mucous membranes it can help with these common GI issues. You won’t believe the difference in your overall well-being and energy levels when you sort your gut out.

4. Younger Skin

Hydration is truly the key to youthful and beautiful skin and omega 7 delivers it in spades. Omega 7 will help to fight inflammation, as well as protect against wrinkles and loss of elasticity for skin that glows with radiant youthfulness.

5. Healthy Heart

Healthy cholesterol levels are essential for cardiovascular health and omega 7 has shown promise for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Omega 7 can also smooth artery passage ensuring artery walls stay strong.

Like omega 3 which helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL), omega 7 goes one step further by lowering bad cholesterol and actually helps raise good cholesterol (HDL).

6. Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Omega 7 can help to prevent diabetes by improving insulin resistance which lowers glucose levels. Omega 7 also fights obesity by reducing the accumulation of fat cells, as obesity is a large risk factor for diabetes.

7. Reduces and Prevents Acne Breakouts

We’ve mentioned how Omega 7 can fight the signs of aging, but it’s just as beneficial if you suffer from problem skin. Omega 7 has potent anti-inflammatory properties and by reducing inflammation in the skin, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your blemishes.

There you go! If this article hasn’t convinced you to give omega 7 a try then nothing will!

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“This amazing little bottle of oil is great for treating any kind of “problematic skin” issues, but we have found it most effective as a spot treatment for stubborn pimples.

We generally prefer natural acne treatments and in the past have used tea tree oil as a spot treatment for those stupid hormonal induced whiteheads. However, as effective as tea tree oil is, it is really drying and can replace the pimples with a dry scab. A few dabs of the Sea Berry Oil on the spot, after washing your face with some natural soap, will make it magically disappear. Well not magically, it does take a few hours. But if you do that before going to bed, then sleep on a clean pillow case, we can promise the pimple will shrink significantly, if not altogether disappear by the morning.

And the best part is it won’t be replaced by any kind of dryness or scabbiness, which is seriously a blessing sent from above….” Click here for the full article>>>

Soothing Sea Buckthorn Face Cream Recipe by Wellness Mama

Photo Credit: www.wellnessmama.com

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple silly!

An effective face cream doesn’t have to be created by a million dollar company or a super genius scientist.

You can make one in your own kitchen!

Even better, you can make one in your own kitchen for YOUR specific skin challenges.

Wellness Mama has a great article on how to create your own soothing Sea Buckthorn enriched face cream. We loved it so much we had to share it with our fans. (Thanks Wellness Mama)

Click here for her full recipe>>>

Want to create your own sea buckthorn face cream?…

Create Your Own Results Driven Skin Care with Organic Turkestanica Sea Buckthorn Oil… Click Here

The better the berry, the better and more profound the results. Enjoy! 🙂

3 DIY Soap Recipes For Sensitive Skin

3 DIY Soap Recipes for Sensitive Skin…

Soap is something we all use, and we bet there’s a bar or two sitting in your shower right now. However, even though we all use it, not all of our skin’s react the same way to the ingredients found in commercial soaps.

Don’t be fooled by a nice scent or a creamy lather, as it’s usually the result of sulfates or artificial fragrance. Not only do these synthetic ingredients put your health at risk, if your skin is even slightly sensitive then you want to look the other way, trust us!

Fortunately, there is a natural way to make soap using healthy ingredients that won’t put your health at risk or aggravate your skin. In fact, your skin will feel like silk and simply glow with radiance!

Keep reading for our favorite DIY soap recipes for even the most sensitive skin.

Shea Butter Coconut Milk Soap with Calendula Flowers

Sounds fancy, but even though this soap is pretty luxurious, it’s super easy to make.

Creamy Coconut Milk is one ingredient you want to keep around if your skin is sensitive because it’s loaded with fatty acids that will fight inflammation in your skin. We should also mention that it feels positively decadent on the skin too!

Rich Shea Butter is a superstar ingredient for sensitive skin as it’s also rich in fatty acids along with vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F and K. Shea butter has been proven to treat everything from burns to stretch marks and is especially beneficial if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

Calendula Flowers don’t only add a gorgeous swirl of color to these bars, but their powerful anti- inflammatory properties will help to soothe inflamed and sore skin.

Remember to add 100% organic SIBU Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil – The Ultimate Skin Care Ingredient for Sensitive, Acne Prone, Problematic Skin.

Click here for the full recipe…

Honey Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap

You sure can’t go wrong with soothing oatmeal when it comes to calming and protecting sensitive skin, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrating Honey adds wonderful moisture to the skin, which is very important when dealing with sensitive skin, as one of the main characteristics of sensitive skin is often skin that flakes and peels. Raw honey is also loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will fight bacteria in the skin and leave it glowing.

Goat’s milk will not only leave the skin silky soft, it’s loaded with fatty acids, and antioxidant vitamins like selenium and vItamin A to keep the skin at it’s healthiest best.

Click here for the full recipe…

Lavender Honey Lemon Soap

While there are some ingredients you may need to avoid if your skin is ultra sensitive, lavender sure isn’t one of them!

Lavender has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that offer excellent benefits when applied topically to the skin. Just one whiff of this fragrant flower is also sure to bring an instant sense of calm and peace to your frazzled mind.

Goat’s Milk provides skin lovin’ nutrients and a few drops of lemon essential oil is perfect for uplifting the spirits. This one is best to keep when you need a little pick-me-up!

Make it now by clicking this link…

Who knew making soap could be this simple? Ditch those commercial bars that are only contributing to your sensitive skin and whip up an all-natural batch of these recipes instead!

How To Avoid Sunspots

In our 20’s we’re often negligent. In our 30’s awareness creeps in, and by our 40’s we’re manning the battle stations.What’s the issue? Sunspots! Sun related hyperpigmentation is a long-term endeavor. Early and ongoing prevention is essential. So if the sun is our enemy, what are we to do?

Live in a cave and only come out at night? Vampires unite!

Wrap up like a mummy before leaving the house? The zombie apocalypse has nothing on you.

On a more practical note, you can actively minimize exposure and skin damage with strategic planning and skincare.

Sun Sense

10 am – 4 pm are the witching hours for UV rays. Try to avoid the sun during these times. This is a general guideline. These hours can be extended based on length of day and altitude. Walk on the shady side of the street. Trees, canopies, and awnings are your friends. But whom are we kidding? Beaches and swimming pools are calling and who can resist their siren song in the summertime?

Let’s face it. We are going to pursue adventures in the great outdoors. Be sure to bring your shade with you by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are a must for your eyes.

If you want to go the extra mile there is clothing with light waves and breath-ability that offer UV protection. It can even be worn while playing in the water. Nearly clear window tinting is available and will block 99% of UV rays. Much of our exposure is due to incidental sunlight. Windows in our homes, cars, and offices can cause skin issues over the long-term. Investing in window tinting can make a big difference.

Reflective surfaces like water, snow, concrete, glass (you get the picture) will bounce UV rays right back at you even if you are in the shade. What’s the answer to this little problem?


Sunscreen is the Holy Grail for preventing sun damage and lets us go out into the light. Take a look at how the sun’s rays damage our skin even before it becomes visible on the surface and what sunscreen does to protect us.

But not all sunscreens are created equal. Chemical sunscreens have come under serious scrutiny. They do not always have full spectrum protection, UVA & UVB. The chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Because it is absorbed into the skin cells, when the chemicals breakdown as they absorb the UV rays, they can have carcinogenic consequences and that’s just what science has uncovered so far.

Mineral sunscreens actually block UV rays before they enter skin cells, have broad-spectrum protection, are non-irritating and don’t have questionable side effects.To learn more about choosing the right sunscreen, we recommend Mother Earth Living’s article, “Sunscreen Ingredients: Which Ones to Look For and Which Ones to Avoid”

But, is sunscreen enough?


Sunscreen cannot stop all UV exposure. The suns rays produce DNA-damaging free radicals when they come into contact with our skin. Topically applied antioxidants absorb the damaging energy from the sun protecting our cells, collagen, and elastin from harm. Dr. Neil Shultz explains this well.

Consuming fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants protect our skin from the inside out. Antioxidants in our skin cells counteract damage caused by sun exposure and can actually reverse hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Unique to the plant kingdom is the UV protection provided by sea buckthorn. Both consuming sea buckthorn berries with 190+ nutrients and applying sea buckthorn oil topically demonstrate radiation protective activity. Studies indicate that sea buckthorn’s flavonoids quercetin, isorhamnetin and kaempferol have superior free-radical scavenging activity.

The Time Is Now

No matter where you are on the spectrum of sun-induced skin damage, taking action now to protect yourself from future exposure will make a difference, not only with pigmentation issues but also with the prevention of skin cancer. Share what you’ve learned with friends and family. Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. We need to take care of it diligently and daily.


The Health Benefits of Vitamin C and the Best Natural Version:

Antioxidants Protect Skin From UV Damage:

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil Consumption Prevents UV Exposed Skin Damage:

Radioprotective Activity of Sea Buckthorn:

Mind Body Green: Why You Should Be Eating More Omega 7

Click Here to Read the full article by Mind Body Green:

The Healthy Fat No One Talks About & Why You Should Be Eating It

We’ve all heard of healthy fats and the most commonly known, omega 3. But have you heard of omega 7? Probably not.

Omega 7 is a healthy fat that is essential in keeping our mucous membranes, skin, and internal linings strong, healthy and moisturized.

No, it’s not an “essential” fatty acid and our body creates certain levels of this on its own, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t produce enough to gain any real benefit.

There are many “reasons” why this is true, but one culprit is our western style diet. The foods we eat just don’t provide our body what it needs to produce the natural, necessary nutrients to operate at optimum levels

So we supplement with powerful, high nutrient, whole foods.

Even for those of us already eating healthy, organic fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, the soils in which they’re grown can be so used and depleted that it would take 5x-10x the amount of food today to get the same nutritional value than it would have 50 years ago.

Whole foods and the nutrients they carry are critical to maintaining and improving our health.

Mind Body Green posted a great article on omega 7, it’s benefits, and why you should be eating more of it. Click here to read the full piece. 

So don’t take our word for it. The information is out there. Eat more omega 7!

SIBU Daytime Nourishing Face Cream: Oily to Dry Skin

“I usually don’t use face creams because they are too heavy for my skin….”

“I normally don’t like wearing moisturizers in the day….”

“I don’t use a daytime moisturizer because of my oily skin….”

These are just a few of the reasons we hear why some people don’t like using a daytime facial moisturizer.

We understand.

But keep reading, those testimonials don’t end there. Here’s the full story:

“I usually don’t try face creams because they are too heavy for my skin….but this one is more like a moisturizing serum. It is lightweight, pleasant and clean feeling. It feels soothing once applied, effortless to absorb and smells fresh/fruity. On par with other, way more expensive face lotions I’ve tried.”- Lola

“I normally don’t really like wearing moisturizers in the day….but this feels really good & isn’t making me break out (I’m very prone to acne)”- Binny

“I don’t use a daytime moisturizer because of my oily skin… but the Nourishing Facial Cream seems to actually help my skin not be as oily! Love the light feel.”- Alex

What? It’s actually helping to reduce oily skin? Yes!

Our Nourishing Face Cream is rich in both sea buckthorn seed oil and fruit oil, and although it may seem counter-intuitive, adding oils to your skin can help signal your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce the oil on our skin) to stop creating these excess oils.

What if I don’t have oily skin?

Maybe your problem is the exact opposite. You’ll use a daytime cream only find that mere hours later your skin feels dry and dull. Where did the moisture go?!

It can be difficult finding a daytime moisturizer that, one, doesn’t leave a thick greasy residue on your skin, two, is still nourishing enough that your skin won’t go back to that dry, cracked feeling as the day goes on, and third, a daytime cream that increases your skin’s moisture without leaving your face shining like a disco ball.
Our Nourishing Facial Cream is specially formulated to be light, yet rich and rejuvenating.

Made with only natural ingredients like shea butter, meadowfoam and of course premium sea buckthorn, help to create a daytime facial cream to help moisturize, protect and repair skin for feel good, happy skin.

Do you have your reasons why or why not to use a daytime facial cream? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Not All Sea Buckthorn Is Created Equal – Where is the best sea buckthorn?

What the other guys don’t want you to know…. who has the best sea buckthorn, or as we like to call it, sea berry?

More and more companies are jumping on the sea buckthorn boat every day, claiming they’re the best of the best. But how do we know what’s hype and what’s true?

I’m not here to tell you who’s wrong and who’s right, but I am going to give you a few facts on the how and why we believe we truly excel in the world of sea buckthorn (sea berry)

After all, sea buckthorn is our specialty, it’s what we do. Our entire business relies on the quality and the results this little orange berry can bring.

So with all the new and “improved” sea buckthorn products surfacing, it seems daily, how do you know which is the right pick?

Hopefully, we’ll answer a lot of your questions right here and now. If not, be sure to leave them in the comments section.

But first, what is sea buckthorn?

In one sentence, it’s whole food beauty nutrition, with some pretty amazing health benefits, too.

Sea buckthorn, also known as sea berry, is a tiny pea sized fruit that grows in various areas across Europe, Asia, and Canada.

Rich in over 190 naturally occurring nutrients, omegas 3, 9, and the elusive skin repairing, omega 7. Sea buckthorn has been used for over 1,300 years for its various beauty and health benefits.

Not all sea buckthorn is created equal…..

Don’t take our word for it, here’s a quick testimonial pulled from an Amazon customer review:

“DEFINITIVE DIFFERENCE -THIS BRAND IN SPECIFIC- I noticed that my hair had lost its vitality- just did not seem healthy and had lost volume and shine- seemed thinner. So I re-ordered this particular brand AGAIN- to try it out versus the New Chapter brand and one other on here that I had tried also-

 My experience was overwhelmingly positive but I do take 4 to 6 per day- which is a lot but my skin reversed itself in age seemingly and regained its shine and life in a major way- this brand of SIBU adds real glow to your skin….”

That’s just one customer, speaking on one benefit.

So you’re probably asking, what’s the Sibu difference?

Out of the many varieties of sea buckthorn that grow across the globe, there’s one specific type which has been tested and proven to have the highest nutritional levels and highest omega 7 content over any other variety.

It’s called turkistanica….. The best sea buckthorn in the world.

But again, don’t take our word for it. Take a gander at these third-party analyses measuring the percentage levels of omega 7.

This unique type of sea buckthorn (turkestanica) grows high in the Himalayan Mountain tops where the environment is harsh, the soil is tough and the air is thin.

These extremes in environment help create some of the best sea buckthorn in the world.

I know what you’re thinking, “So what, anybody can claim their sea buckthorn is from the pristine Himalayan Mountains”.

I say this, “put your berries where your mouth is!”

We are the only company that harvests from our own wild-growing sea buckthorn fields. Untouched by any type of harmful man-made process, we let Mother Nature do all the work.

And I’m sure she does it better than we could ever replicate!

Want proof?! Go and buy any other brand of sea buckthorn liquid supplement, pour yourself a glass and you’ll see a dull, tainted rusty brown color fill your cup.

Now, try our SIBU Omega 7 Pure (100% pure sea buckthorn, NOTHING else added) and you’ll be met with a bright, vibrant orange that just screams LIFE!

Again, I’m not here to “sell” you on SIBU or tell you that the other guys are wrong.  I’m just stating the plain and true facts that can be easily seen and proven.

What sets Sibu apart from the other guys:

  • Hand harvested berries– only the ripe berries that are ready to be consumed ever make it into our finished product so you get perfectly crafted
    wholefood nutrition.
  • Harvested in the early morning hours- the sun eats away and depletes nutrients in fruits as the day progresses. The early morning hours are when our sea buckthorn berries are at their best and most potent.
  • Same day processing– the moment you pick any type of fruit, you’ve taken it from its life force. It begins to die, it begins to lose nutrients. Processing our berries the same day they are harvested allows them to carry on more of the good stuff, ready for you to benefit from.

These are just a few of the direct actions we take to ensure you’re getting the best, highest quality, most nutritious sea buckthorn available anywhere!

Stay tuned for more Sibu, the best Sea Buckthorn, and Omega 7 news you won’t get anywhere else.

Omega 7 Pure: A Wholefood for Your Whole Body

What can SIBU Omega 7 Pure do for you? Well, just about everything!

Okay, maybe not everything, but it does help in a variety of different ways.

We live in a world where so many foods we eat are causing sickness and disease instead of preventing it.

The problem isn’t that healthy foods aren’t out there, it’s finding the right ones that’s tough.

Many of the foods we find in our local supermarket have been so heavily processed that our body receives very little, if any, nutritional benefit.

Imagine your car running low on fuel, low on oil, low on coolant, low on transmission fluid, low on everything your car needs to run properly.

Imagine your car operating like this every day. Eventually, there’s going to be some damage.

Well our bodies work in similar ways.

If we’re not feeding our body what it needs to run at optimal levels, healthy functions begin to break down. And unless you’ve already taken action to improve your health and the foods you eat, this is how all of our bodies are operating day in and day out.

If you are already eating healthy and making positive changes to your diet, then BIG KUDOS to you! You’re well on the road to reaching your health goal.

But even with healthy diets and proper foods, we find that our bodies are still lacking many necessary nutrients to live vibrant, healthy lives.

This is why wholefoods play a vital role in our efforts to increase our overall health.

What about multi-vitamin supplements?

I’d say it’s better than taking nothing at all but they do have a major disadvantage. Most vitamin supplements are manmade and combined with other so-called “healthy” ingredients to create a once-a-day multi-vitamin.

The problem with these vitamins is that because they’re manmade, they’re foreign to our body.

Our body doesn’t know how to properly use the nutrients to their highest potential. Nutrients that don’t get used don’t produce any positive results.

Lost nutrients = lost money, and more importantly, NO significant health benefits.

This is where wholefoods come to the rescue.

Wholefoods are highly nutritious foods found in nature, for example, the sea buckthorn berry.

Wholefoods are easily recognized by our bodies and are better able to break down, absorb, and effectively use all the nutrients for the most benefit.

Remember the famous (and very true) statement by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

A Wholefood For You- Sibu 7 Pure

Sibu 7 Pure is 100% sea buckthorn berry puree, nothing else. By using only wild-grown & hand harvested sea buckthorn, you can rest assured you’re getting pure wholefood nutrition from Mother Nature herself. Remember, not all sea buckthorn is created equal – click here to learn more

Why is Sibu 7 Pure a good wholefood option?

  • Sea buckthorn contains over 190 naturally occurring bio-active compounds for your whole body so you feel active and energized.
  • Wholefood nutrition helps strengthen your immune system- I like to say, “I don’t catch colds, colds catch me!”
  • Provides vegan based omega support including 3, 6, 9, and 7 minus the fishy oil smell.
  • Like omega 3 which helps lower bad cholesterol, the omega 7 found in Sibu Pure goes one step further & helps raise our good cholesterol levels so your heart stays strong & healthy.
  • Not to mention all the extra nourishment for you hair, skin, and nails. It’s beauty in a bottle!

I’ll leave you with this…. Eat foods as close to nature as possible. If you can’t find it in nature, you probably don’t need it.

Be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

3 Home Remedies for Sensitive Skin: Tips To Soothe

If you have a sensitive skin then you know what it’s like to deal with skin that easily flares up, and there are many products you have to avoid to prevent redness and itchiness; these highly frustrating symptoms go hand in hand with sensitive skin.

If you use commercial products from your local drugstore, you may want to take a closer look at the label, as most commercial skin care products are teeming with foreign sounding ingredients. These unpronounceable ingredients are usually harmful chemicals and fillers added to products to improve the consistency or extend the life of a product, but they are a sensitive complexion’s worst nightmare.

Even if your skin is not sensitive, you should want to know exactly what you are applying to your precious skin, as more than 60% of everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. With a sensitive skin, however, what’s going on inside your body is usually reflected on the outside when your skin turns red and feels tender and hot to the touch.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can soothe your sensitive skin and prevent future flare ups. Keep reading to enjoy calmer and happier skin today!

1. Use Natural Products That Reduce Inflammation

Natural products, free from chemicals, are what every skin needs, especially sensitive skin.

Our products, here at SIBU, are ideal for sensitive skinned individuals as our key ingredient, Sea Berry, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that not only prevent a flare up, but soothe your skin too if another product has caused an issue for you.

Powerful antioxidant properties means that while our products soothe and heal, they fight free radicals and provide deep nourishment to leave your skin youthful, glowing and perfectly hydrated. Be to check out our 3-Step Clear Skin System – natural skin care for acne prone/sensitive skin

2. Use Lukewarm Water

Again, this is important for all skin types as hot water strips the skin of oils needed to keep your skin hydrated and protected. If your skin is sensitive though, it’s extra important to maintain balanced oil levels to prevent flare ups and irritation. Always use lukewarm to cool water when washing your face, and rinse with cold water for your final rinse to close your pores and tighten your skin.

3. Don’t Over Exfoliate

While exfoliation is important for clear and healthy skin, it only needs to be done once a week, or even once every 2 weeks if your skin is super sensitive. Harsh scrubs can actually scratch the skin and create microscopic tears in the skin, which is the absolute last thing you need if your skin is already sensitive and easily irritated.

Don’t let sensitive skin rule your life, switch to healthier products and follow our tips and your skin will stay happy, soothed and beautiful! Let us know if you have any more tips you’d like to share in the comments!