SIBU’s Sea Berry Seed Oil Is The Only Beauty Product You Need by UrthAve

Did you hear? SIBU has been featured on UrthAve as "the only beauty product you need" - Click here to read the full article.

Here's a small snippet of what they have to say about our #1 beauty oil, SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil: "This amazing little bottle of oil is great for treating any kind of “problematic skin” issues, but we have found it most effective as a spot treatment for stubborn pimples. We generally prefer natural acne treatments and in the past have used tea tree oil as a spot treatment for those stupid hormonal induced whiteheads. However, as effective as tea tree oil is, it is really drying and can replace the pimples with a dry scab. A few dabs of the Sea Berry Oil on the spot, after washing your face with some natural soap, will make it magically disappear. Well not magically, it does take a few hours. But if you do that before going to bed, then sleep on a clean pillow case, we can promise the pimple will shrink significantly, if not altogether disappear by the morning. And the best part is it won’t be replaced by any kind of dryness or scabbiness, which is seriously a blessing sent from above...." Click here for the full article>>>