A Morning Routine to Improve Health and Beauty

The lives of women can be hectic and chaotic, but a healthy morning routine can help keep you calm throughout the day while maintaining your beautiful glow. A morning beauty routine is important for proper care of your skin and hair, but a routine that prepares you mentally is just as vital, if not more so. Think about your life and choose your daily habits to improve life for women.

Lose the Snooze

As tempting as it is to hit that good old snooze button a couple times for some extra shut-eye, the rushed pace you will then have to keep to get ready on time will only leave you in a frantic and panicked state. Set your alarm so that you can get out of bed and have plenty of time to prepare for the day at a relaxing pace. Do as much as you can to prepare the night before such as:

  • Choose and layout your wardrobe, including all accessories like jewelry and shoes.
  • Prepare breakfast the night before by having fruit cut up and even cereal or smoothie ingredients pre-measured.
  • Gather the kids’ school items and lunches.
  • Prepare a to-do list of tasks that must be completed the next day so you don’t have to waste time or energy worrying that you have forgotten something.

Ditch the Devices

The average American adult spends 11 hours staring at device screens. Do not start that clock before you even get out of bed. Too often the information we receive via social media and news feeds is depressing and negative, which is an awful way to start the day.

Stretch to Success

Ease your way into the day by preparing your body mentally and physically. Start with some deep breathing and meditation. Think about five things for which you are grateful to steer your mindset on a positive path. Incorporate some yoga or stretching to warm your muscles and start the day standing tall.

Embrace Nature

Whenever possible, prepare your body outside where you can get some early morning sun and do some grounding. Practicing your meditation, deep breathing, and stretching while standing in the grass with bare feet has many benefits.

Visualize Your Day

Mentally walk through your day and determine what you need to accomplish, and then visualize these tasks in a positive light. What will happen for them to be optimally completed? Do not let negative thoughts steer the visualization. You can consider the “what-ifs” as a means of establishing contingency plans, but then return to the idea that your goals will be met without a hitch.

Complete Your Cleanse

You can think about your day as you finish your morning beauty routine. If you do a thorough facial scrub the night before, you can save time and be kind to your skin by using a gentle cleanser in the morning. Protect your skin and maintain that youthful glow with a great moisturizer like SIBU’s Nourishing Face Cream.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Your morning meal should be your biggest, but this does not mean filling up on carb-loaded waffles and greasy meats. Incorporate superfoods into your breakfast like avocado, kale, and star fruit. A low-fat protein-packed egg scramble with tofu, kale, and chia seeds will fill you up, but not weigh you down. You can also get a full-body boost from a supplement of sea buckthorn berry.

A healthy morning routine does not have to be complicated. By taking some time for yourself, you may find that you are better able to handle the daily chaos, and you will feel healthier, more confident, and more beautiful. Purchasing the health- and beauty-enhancing products developed by SIBU is a marvelous investment in your morning beauty routine and an excellent addition to your daily habits to improve life for women.

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New Year Goals to Consider this Year

With every new year comes a chance to reflect on things you’ve done well and areas that still have room for improvement. We love the new year and the fresh start it offers when trying to become a better person than we’ve been in the past. If you feel the same way, you’re probably thinking about new year goals. We’ve compiled a quick list of new year goals to consider that may help you to jumpstart your self-improvement journey. Keep reading to get some ideas on ways to enhance your life by improving your health, relationships, and mental state.

1. Get More Sleep

Getting quality sleep can do a world of good for your health, mental state, and happiness levels. Doctors usually recommend adults shoot for an average of 8 hours of sleep e

ach night, but some people may need slightly more or less. Find your sweet spot and commit to sleeping the full amount you need each night in order to feel rested. You can drift off more quickly by avoiding screens and having a wind-down ritual.

2. Put a Smile On

Smiling when you’re not in the mood may seem silly, but there’s great power in simply turning up the corners of your mouth. This is the ultimate “fake it ‘til you make it” situation, where the act of smiling can actually enhance your mood until you feel like smiling on your own. Smiling also makes you seem more approachable, friendly, and likable, so you may improve your relationships with those around you—or even start a new one.

3. Take a Nutritional Supplement

Whether you’re the biggest health nut on the block or a junk-food lover, nutritional supplements can do big things for your health. Find supplements to meet your individual health needs. For example, those looking to lower bad cholesterol or repair intestinal lining should consider taking SIBU’s Omega 7 Support Soft Gels.

4. Meet Up with Friends

Research shows that face-to-face contact with friends is important for our health, and can even help us live longer. These benefits aren’t replicated when we interact with friends through social media and texting, though, so you’ll need to socialize with friends in person to truly reap the benefits. Plan a weekly lunch date, standing monthly movie night, or some other activity to ensure you’re getting facetime with those who lift your spirits.


table of friends putting phones away

5. Put Down Your Phone

Smartphone addiction is harming our society in big ways. As we just mentioned, phones are no substitute for human interaction. They’re hurting relationships by detaching us from others, and even from our selves. When we replace moments of boredom with a scroll through our phone, we lose time for self-reflection and creativity. So, carve out phone-free time each day or week. As an idea, have “screen-free Sunday” or charge your phone outside of your bedroom.

6. Slowly Swap Out Unhealthy Foods

We’ve all been there—year after year you make an ambitious goal to lose 20 pounds, stop eating sugar, or quit fast food. But year after year, that goal has gone out the window by February. This year, make a goal you can stick to and slowly start swapping out unhealthy foods for more nutritious choices. You may not be able to quit sugar for life, but you can switch to desserts made with natural sugar cane or honey. And you may not stop going through the drive-through anytime soon, but you can start ordering a lower-calorie option.

Start Working Toward Your Goals Today

There’s no time like the present to get started on your goals. After reading this list of New Year goals to consider, take the steps you need to becoming a better you in 2019. By recording your goals and making a plan of action, you’ll be sure to get off on the right foot to achieve the goals you have in mind. And if you’re looking to improve your health, buy SIBU Omega 7 Support Soft Gels.